Supply Chain Finance

Welcome to the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Program

The SCF Program makes use of a technology platform that links Siemens and its suppliers & sub-contractors with a third party financier (Orbian) to provide cost-effective receivables financing to those suppliers & sub-contractors. The Siemens North America Supply Chain Finance program is available to suppliers providing goods and/or services to Siemens with a minimum annual value of $20,000. To learn more about the program details, contact the SCF team or browse the educational material on this page which covers many different aspects of the SCF Program. Enrollment Codes* – US: Siemens2123 Mexico: Siemens2130 Canada: Siemens2125 Germany: Siemens2129 UK: Siemens2128 Denmark: Siemens2127 Hong Kong: Siemens2126 Canadian Suppliers to Canada Limited: Siemens2140 *Based on supplier’s location of incorporation. Please note Orbian is not an affiliate of, or owned by, Siemens.

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Training Material

Learning about Supply Chain Finance

Below are training materials that have been developed. Please click one of the below links to view the program details.

Payment Process

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to change the way I invoice today?
No. The existing process that a supplier performs to invoice the buyer still remains in place.

Once enrolled, will all invoices be paid through the program? 
For all those Siemens’ Buyers offering the program to their suppliers, once enrolled, all the existing and new invoices will be available for early payment. The program provides the flexibility for suppliers to request early payment for all invoices (Automatic Discounting option) or manually select individual invoices (Manual Discounting option). 

How do I get paid?

The funds will be electronically transferred into the supplier’s bank account that is listed in the program’s enrollment documentation. 

When do I get paid?

If the supplier is enrolled with the Automatic Discounting option, once an invoice is approved for payment within Siemens, the payment will be made in 2 business days. If the supplier is enrolled with the Manual Discounting option, once an invoice is approved for payment within Siemens, the payment will be made 2 business days after an invoice(s) is selected for early payment.


Frequently asked questions:

What is the cost of this program?

The only cost of the program is the "discount charge" that a supplier pays to receive early payment. There are no fees to join, maintain or exit the program.

Can a supplier enroll if their Account Receivables are currently pledged as collateral in a loan?
Yes. In addition to completing the standard enrollment documentation, the supplier will be provided a “Consent Agreement” that will need to be completed by their bank allowing them to participate.

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Frequently asked questions:

Once enrolled, who should the supplier contact if certain invoice(s) are not visible in the program?
The supplier should visit the Siemens IOL Portal ( and submit an inquiry for the invoice(s) in question. This is the most effective method to enable the Siemens AP department to research the inquiry and they will be notified when a resolution is reached or further information is required. 

Once enrolled, can a supplier decide to not participate in the program?
Yes. The supplier is not obligated to stay in the program for any fixed period. A 30 day written notice must be submitted by the supplier to Orbian after which they will be removed from the program.