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Growing volume of traffic, booming urbanization, increasing environmental pollution: These are the challenges cities and municipalities face that call for innovative solutions. And with two-thirds of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, we can’t expect to sustain economic success and a growing population without addressing our infrastructure. Infrastructure that is made of the software that’s already changing how we plan a trip, catch a cab, or find out when the next bus or train is coming. This software-based infrastructure – when applied to our roads – can help us practically eliminate crashes and manage traffic much more effectively. As an integrated solution provider, Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems delivers solutions that help cities think mobility further through adaptable and modular traffic management solutions. The next mobility revolution starts today and our Connected Vehicle solution allows us to hit the ground running. V2X technologies will help reduce congestion during peak travel times, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase safety.

Siemens MIBs for SEPAC

Customer Benefits of using Siemens Products:


  • We offer a complete portfolio from controller via TMS to ATMS and Connected Vehicle.

  • We are using open protocols like NTCIP and SOAP XML and we can integrate with a number of 3rd party controllers and central systems via NTCIP and NextConnect.


Our systems are fully scalable, modular, and highly functional traffic management systems.
This allows the successive realization of a wide range of scalable applications, from entry-level solutions for a limited number of field devices right up to complex, integrated traffic management systems, in step with the city’s budget and changing demand.


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Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

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