Software that allows disparate systems to communicate seamlessly.

CONCERT provides advanced traffic system functionality for regional or state-wide applications. CONCERT can integrate intersection, detector, DMS, CCTV, and HAR systems into a single platform solution. Sophisticated analysis tools, incident management tools, and responsive plans allow agencies to manage complex networks and operations.

One city. A lot of people. A lot of traffic. One solution.

Traffic flows are getting heavier and more varied; burdens are increasing. That is why many cities want to improve their traffic planning and run more effective control strategies in response to the situation. But how can this be implemented, knowing there is no one overarching solution that integrates everything, while complexity continues to increase? CONCERT now provides this solution - and it is also very simple. Because the system processes data relevant to traffic from all manner of different sources and uses it to generate information for everyone who needs to know.


  • Provides a standards-based Center-to-Center protocol for regional applications.

  • Allows for communication between systems often without modification or third party components.

  • Allows customers to utilize existing infrastructure to minimize investment costs.

Success Stories

  • NextConnect enables data sharing with TACTICS in Los Angeles County and in the state of Texas by implementing regional interfaces.

  • SCDOT has deployed NextConnect with their CONCERT system to provide a statewide traffic management system supporting DMS, CCTV, HAR, and detector data. Incident data is made available to a public 511 system via a NTCIP 2306 / TMDD interface.

  • San Antonio has deployed NextConnect to implement bus prioritization system without the need for new field equipment in either the vehicles or in roadside cabinets. NextConnect receives bus information from the transit systems, identifies qualifying priority requests, and sends the requests to the intersection controller.

  • NextConnect enables data sharing with TACTICS in Los Angeles County and in the state of Texas by implementing regional interfaces.