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The Service Experts from Digital Enterprise Services take a comprehensive approach to digitalization as they help companies throughout their digital transformation process

Transform your company into a Digital Enterprise with Digital Enterprise Services. We combine traditional services with future technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, to boost the quality and efficiency of your production. If you need a spare part, to modernize your plant, or to train your employees in a newly digitalized environment—let us support you based on your standards. Because service is more than you think.

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Siemens Xcelerator

Accelerating the digital transformation

Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform and marketplace with the ambition to create a powerful ecosystem of partners who can jointly accelerate digital transformation tailored to your specific business goals. Making digital transformation easier, faster and at scale.

Digitalization is changing industry

The digital transformation continues to pick up speed. Which means that it isn’t a one-time activity but rather a constant process of renewal and change that has to happen faster and faster. Because of the complexity involved, many companies lack enough experts in digitalization and automation to keep up the pace. This is where we come in with our Service Experts, who not only have the technical knowledge but also the necessary experience with extensive digitalization projects to help you get the most out of the new opportunities.

Digitalization is about people

Technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things, digital twins, and artificial intelligence are often mentioned in the context of digitalization. But people play the key role: Only they can get to know a company and its employees personally and advise them, work with them to develop the right strategy, connect existing machines and plants to the Industrial Internet of Things, and apply their knowledge and experience to improving operations on an ongoing basis. That’s the only way to achieve a faster time to market for new products, manufacture them more effectively, and reduce costs – while also making quality, availability, and performance completely transparent.


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Expertise for your digital factory

Let's walk the path of digital transformation in industry together to increase your productivity and sustainability. Your goal is an efficient, lean, digital factory with climate-neutral production. Thanks to our comprehensive approach to digitalization, you can make full use of the potential of digitalization in just three steps. When it comes to creating your future Digital Enterprise, your digital factory is our shared task!

Tap potentials. Change structures. Work together.

Our Service Experts accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your products and work with you in three steps to develop the digital transformation of your factory. Our approach at a glance:

Doing the groundwork for your digital transformation

In digital transformation, we address your questions: What digitalization projects should we begin with? How should I structure and implement these projects? How can I determine my digital maturity?


Our Service Experts have the necessary knowledge and an overview of all the relevant technologies in addition to methods specifically developed to carefully assess your digital requirements and expectations. We work with you to determine your level of digitalization and develop a custom-coordinated digitalization strategy and roadmap that lays the groundwork for the next stages of implementation and optimization.


Digital transformation consulting for a sustainable industry   

Bringing the strategy to life step by step along the roadmap

We manage the installation of hardware, software, and sensors and integrate new technologies like artificial intelligence and the connections to edge and cloud systems. We also take charge of setting up digital twins of your machines, plants, products, and production lines. The twins allow real-time data transfers and analyses all along the value chain. Putting new knowledge into practice and building future-oriented skills in your employees creates opportunities for your company.


The data generated in your company is the foundation for targeted financial decisions that will ultimately lead to more growth and ensure your competitive advantage.


Industrial Connectivity     Digital Factory Optimization     Training Services      Engineering and Integration Services

Increase profitability and leverage new business opportunities

Our focus is on optimizing your plant! The foundation for the digital transformation is the data generated by putting  hardware, software, and sensors into operation. As a Digital Enterprise, you can collect data along your entire value chain and analyze it using innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence to discover connections and make forecasts.


By planning ahead and recognizing trends, you’ll be able to improve both your service and your products. Using innovative smart technologies and data-driven services in conjunction with our digital skills creates tangible added value for your company.


Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Services     Predictive Services     Closed Loop Analytics

News and highlights: Our Digital Enterprise Services at a glance

Digital Enterprise Services offering

Comprehensive services throughout the entire lifecycle From the digital factory to a reliable supply of spare parts and fast assistance when an outage happens: With our Digital Enterprise Services offering, you can be confident in the best possible operation of your plant, including digitalization that meets all your needs.

Digitalization is changing industry

Siemens’ Digital Enterprise portfolio enables industrial companies of all sizes to integrate available and emerging automation and digitalization technologies to exploit the full potential of Industry 4.0. Take advantage of the convergence of the real and digital worlds and all the rest of the opportunities inherent in digitalization. Let our Digital Enterprise Services experts help you launch your digital transformation – and efficiently integrate your company into the world of digitalization.

Digital Enterprise Services in practice

The digital transformation and Industry 4.0 – successfully implemented using our digital solutions and knowledge.

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