Location Intelligence

The Location Intelligence software for locating systems enable the optimization of your production and logistics workflows

Optimize your production and logistic workflows

With the Location Intelligence software, you can unleash the full potential of locating systems in your plant. Real-time analytics provide support in optimizing workflows, transport routes, and the flow of goods. Thanks to much greater transparency, you can identify and eliminate bottlenecks because you always know where the mobile objects in your production and supply chain are located at any time. This lowers costs and increases your plant’s throughput and your competitiveness.

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Leverage ways to optimize production and logistics

The production and logistics workflows often hit a snag because there simply isn’t enough transparency. Where is product XY located in the production process, and what state is it in? Where are the necessary materials right now? Why do we keep running into production delays?


Answering these questions allows you to increase your production throughput in a targeted manner, since you can eliminate the bottlenecks. This also lowers your costs, for example by reducing the time you spend searching for products and material.

Real-time transparency

Add intelligence to your factory – based on position data

Location Intelligence is the clever way to substantially increase the transparency of your plant’s workflows. If deviations or problems arise in strictly synchronized production or logistics processes, Location Intelligence enables you to immediately determine where this problem occurred. You can then track down its cause and correct it permanently.

Gain an overview of material flow and order information

The Web-based Location Intelligence software processes the data and events of locating systems and can integrate them in your ERP or MES systems. Locating systems such as SIMATIC RTLS use fixed gateways in your plant to detect the signals of transponders mounted on mobile assets, such as automated guided vehicle systems (AGV), material crates, or robots. The transponder motion data is detected in real time and transmitted from the locating system to Location Intelligence for visualization and analysis. As a result, you always have the latest picture of the workflows in your plant: a Digital Twin of its performance.

Track down and eliminate bottlenecks

Location Intelligence can visualize not only the real-time position, but also the entire route taken by a transponder in the production hall. If the user is looking for an order, the real-time positions of all transponders currently assigned to the order are visualized in the factory layout. All it takes is one click, and the user switches to the historic view, which also displays the route traveled by the transponder. Based on this route, the user sees at a glance whether a transponder took a wrong turn or has made a detour.

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How to use Location Intelligence in your company


Location Intelligence in practice

Find out how much added value Location Intelligence provides in conjunction with a locating system, based on a typical example.

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