Predictive maintenance – thanks to artificial intelligence

Innovative Predictive Services use new technologies like artificial intelligence and Edge Computing to enable you to perform predictive maintenance and avoid downtimes.

With Predictive Services you can identify machine failures before they occur

Downtimes are expensive, especially when they’re unplanned. The unpredictable failure of an individual section of a production line can put all your production out of action, even for several days. With Predictive Services, thanks to the accumulated know-how of our service experts combined with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, you can see into the future and avoid unpleasant surprises through optimized maintenance planning.

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Take advantage of our digitalization expertise.

Master your challenges with the integration of digitalization solutions.

Predictive Services can be specifically tailored to the requirements of different industries and applications. They’re part of our Digital Enterprise Services, in which our service experts help you with the digital transformation of your company. We turn challenges into opportunities. Benefit from our extensive knowledge in digitalization and automation. Service is more than you think!

Our offering for your future

Each industry requires specific Predictive Services. We’ve developed these services based on our service experts’ extensive industry know-how. 


The modular services for acquiring, analyzing, and evaluating machine data conform to the consulting, implementation, and optimization approach to digitalization. To detect potential failures early on, our independently structured modules connect your plant and applications to Edge or Cloud applications in accordance with your needs and requirements. 


You obtain well-grounded analyses of the condition data and sources of error as well as specific recommendations from our experts who evaluate and analyze the existing data with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Our Predictive Services are basically divided into three modules. Different components are analyzed and data acquired, depending on the industry and application:

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Practical examples

Predictive Services for different industries

Each industry needs specific Predictive Services. We’ve developed these services based on our extensive industry expertise. The modular services for acquiring, analyzing, and evaluating machine data are specially adapted to the requirements of various industries.

Detecting press failures before they happen

In the automotive industry, presses are critical points. Their failure can put entire production lines out of action. Predictive Services for Presses let you see into the future of your press in order to detect imminent errors before they happen. They allow you to adapt maintenance work to the actual condition of your production plant instead of having to rely on fixed service intervals.


For more information on Predictive Services for Presses, download our free flyer

Determining condition and remaining availability

It’s often the small things that shut down a foundry for automotive manufacturing, such as wear to a drill bit in the milling station for castings. Predictive Services for Foundry connect your foundry to Edge or Cloud solutions, provide solid analyses of condition data and sources of error through our experts, and enable even faster and more precise evaluation based on artificial intelligence. This means that the condition of production plants can be constantly monitored and wear can be identified predictively, before a machine fails.


For more information on Predictive Services for Foundry, download our free flyer

Reduces downtimes for drive systems

Maintenance activities for SINAMICS and SIMOTICS drive systems are supported by a Siemens expert using a MindSphere application. The use of cloud-based service tools in MindSphere helps to make required maintenance activities more efficient and transparent.

Analyze wear and tear of the spindle in a predictive way

PCB milling generates corrosive dust that settles on the milling spindles, causing them to wear. Instead of relying on fixed maintenance intervals, Predictive Services for Depaneling Machines analyze spindle tension and speed to identify anomalies.


For more information on Predictive Services for Depaneling Machines, download our free flyer

Your benefits

How you benefit from Predictive Services

Get the most out of your machine data and identify when maintenance is required in good time.
A glance into the future

Know right now how your machine will work in the future

You can implement Predictive Services in your company on a step-by-step basis with support from our experts at all times. We work with you to develop the ideal approach, create the connectivity you need, and evaluate the machine data to enable you to make the right decisions. Talk directly to your nearest representative to find out more.