Digital Factory Optimization – unleash the power of the Digital Twin 

Optimization of production and logistics environments in manufacturing

Digitalization is about optimization – and nothing is more important to a factory. In a digital factory, different technologies from IoT, cloud or edge to digital twins are combined. This ensures full transparency and maximum efficiency at a minimum of resource consumption. The entire ecosystem is connected and can be easily controlled from anywhere and at any time. All in all, the digital factory is the next logical evolution of production.

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Unleash the power of the digital twin with Digital Factory Optimization

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Optimization of production is a basic requirement

Complex simulation processes can be optimized by simulation based on artificial intelligence

Digital Factory Optimization unleashes the power of the digital twin to optimize brownfield and greenfield manufacturing plants. The software tools Plant Simulation and HEEDS generate and test multiple production scenarios in the virtual world to identify optimal parameter constellations – based on artificial intelligence and simulation. This enables the optimization of resources and material flow as well as the identification of bottlenecks. Digital Factory Optimization thus forecasts the optimum for the best possible production and investment decisions.

Digital Factory Optimization is implemented with four steps. The sequence and number of steps may vary depending on your requirements:

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Our customer Airborne International B.V.

Airborne managed to become more flexible for quick product changes with the power of the Digital Twin of Product and the Digital Twin of Production in combination with artificial intelligence:
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How you benefit from Digital Factory Optimization

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Digital Factory Optimization in practice

Discover the value Digital Factory Optimization can provide to your business. The following references show application examples:
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