Switchgear and process automation integrated in a single system

Power Control Integration Services

Exploit synergies efficiently and integrate the medium-voltage switchgear in the overall automation system - Power Control Integration Services enable the easy integration of electrical switchgear for protection and control (IEDs - Intelligent Electronic Devices) in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system or TIA Portal. Based on the IEC 61850 standard, this significantly increases the level of integration in the overall plant.

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Two worlds – one control system

The Power Control Integration Services enable the merging of process automation and the automation of electrical switchboards for medium voltages in a single control system, thus creating a uniform platform for both process and energy (can be implemented in SIMATIC PCS 7, TIA Portal or WinCC). This platform is freely scalable – from simple visualization of the protection devices in small plants to high-availability integration of electrical loads in large plants.

The following video explains the most important points:

Power Control Integration Services

Twice as powerful thanks to innovative system components

Our Power Control Integration Services support you all the way with the integration of your IEC 61850-conform components, from consultation and innovative product offerings up to integration in the control system.

Direct integration of up to 128 IEC 61850-capable field devices into SIMATIC PCS 7 system. Communication takes place from the AS400 systems to the IEDs via the gateway. To increase availability, the gateway can be configured redundantly. The basic configuration is done via web interface. The device-specific engineering is performed in the CFC with PCS 7 on-board tools.


In addition, the PCS 7 Power Control Library add-on can also be used to continue the integration of the IEDs all the way to the operator station.

The station controller is used for medium-sized plants which don't have an S7 automation system. The Station Controller is an all-in-one device for the connection of IEC 61850/60870. The Station Controller can be used under SIMATIC TIA Portal as a S7-1500 CPU. Via IO modules it is possible to build up an IEC 61850 remote IO and to connect it via standards to a higher-level PCS 7 system.


The Station Controller Package includes an ET 200SP Open Controller, a software controller (CPU 1515SP PC2), the pre-installed station controller software and the associated configuration software.


The package supports both IEC-standardized communication types:

  • IEC 61850 MMS Client/ Server
  • IEC 60870-5-104 Master/ Slave

Integration takes place via all common TIA Portal versions.

Direct SIMATIC S7-IED-communckation

IEC 61850-compatible block libraries are available for direct communication between a SIMATIC PCS 7 AS or a SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC* and a small number of IEDs. The library supports both singular and redundant S7.

Block libraries for this integration are also available for standard SIMATIC PCS 7 and TIA Portal versions.


Direct OS-IED-communication

Up to 255 IEDs can be directly integrated into SIMATIC WinCC by means of a separate IEC 61850 communication channel. The WinCC IEC 61850 communication channel can be used with singular or redundant OS servers. In the case of direct WinCC communication, there is no compatibility with the PCS 7 Power Control Library.


* Now also available for S7-1500RH based on the TIA Portal


We can provide you with advice on the optimum system architecture in advance.


Maintaining the serviceability is a basic requirement for the long-term availability of the system functions. This ultimately depends on the right technical support and ensured availability of spare parts.


With our Service Package for Power Control Integration Services offer, you receive these two important building blocks as integral components. All products are sold with a 5-year service contract that covers the following:

  • Clearing of general technical questions
  • Support in the search, analysis and elimination of problems
  • Functional and security updates
  • Support-Requests
  • Updates for new versions of WinCC, PCS 7 or TIA Portal
  • Spare hardware in case of hardware defects

Power Control Integration Services

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