Proactive Remote Services - the optimal support for the high-performance operation of your plant

Remote Assisted Collaboration with SIPIX SD Industrial Tablet PC

Optimum system-specific remote support for your production – that is the idea behind Remote Services. Within the scope of the offered modules, not only the remote infrastructure is provided, but also support and maintenance are already included.

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Remote Services based on the secure platform from Siemens

Engineering, commissioning and maintenance of automation systems can be optimally supported and carried out via remote access by using modern, powerful communication media. With our offering of platform-based remote services, you can access the centrally available know-how of the product manufacturer at any time worldwide.


The Remote Services are based on the "common Remote Service Platform" (cRSP) from Siemens, a secure, high-performance and highly available remote platform. Compared to a traditional point-to-point connection (P2P), communication via the cRSP offers significant advantages, for example:


  • The graduated security and access concept contains all aspects for secure and monitored communication
  • Reduction of the administrative effort through central administration of all system accesses
  • Central monitoring, logging and reporting with continuous monitoring by the customer
  • Non-retroactive due to separation of the various networks (DMZ)
  • Compatible with general industrial security concepts
  • Certified according to TÜV / CERT

Applications of the Remote Services just as you need it!

Remote Desktop Sharing allows the Siemens expert to access the configuration software (e.g. SIMATIC PDM or SIMATIC PCS 7 ES) and thereby to access the connected systems/field devices. This application permits the transmission of documents and the execution of the parameter assignments or configuration by the Siemens expert himself. Even simultaneous access by several remote experts can also be realized with Desktop Sharing.


In contrast to Remote Assisted Collaboration, here an authorized Siemens expert remotely and directly accesses the parameterization environment or the systems/field devices connected to it.

Remote Assisted Collaboration  - Also based on the Siemens common Remote Service Platform (cRSP), the service technician is supported on site by a Siemens expert from a distance.

With the SIPIX SD (Service Device) Tablet PC, video images can be transmitted and communication via audio and live chat is possible via an independent VPN channel.

Drawing notes into the camera image (AR function with tablet or data glasses) guides the on-site expert through the servicing process.


In addition, the use of data glasses allows hands-free work on field devices by displaying text or transparent images in the field of vision of the service technician or by following the expert's instructions via audio.

Flexible use of Remote Services – in every phase of the lifecycle

Maintenance in general covers services according to DIN 31051, for example, checking the field device condition for transparent presentation of the status or the implementation of preventive measures. In general, maintenance is usually carried out on site at the installed device. This makes it particularly difficult to call in outside experts during the maintenance phase, especially if equipment and systems are located in a hazardous area and/or maintenance must be carried out outside of scheduled maintenance intervals. Here also, Remote Assisted Collaboration based on SIPIX SD offers a variety of possibilities for technical support by a Siemens expert. 

Support during the commissioning phase in the field often places higher demands on a remote infrastructure than during the engineering phase. Mechanically installed devices are initially not yet connected to the higher-level control system. In addition, networks are often not available for communication with the outside world. This is where our Remote Assisted Collaboration approach comes into play. The infrastructure based on the SIPIX SD Tablet enables a wide range of communication possibilities, both with the systems and with the outside world.

The configuration and parameterization of automation or field devices, for example, is generally performed using multi-vendor engineering tools such as the SIMATIC Process Device Manager or the SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineering Station. These tools are usually used on Windows-based PC systems. These form the ideal platform for implementing Remote Desktop Sharing concepts. If necessary, the project engineer can involve a Siemens expert in his specific task  at short notice and solve the problem together with him on the same  screen. The Siemens expert can also guide the project engineer through the engineering tool and make entries independently.

Benefit from Remote Services!

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Lifecycle Service Contracts

We recommend additionally: scalable service contracts for the sustainable service capability

Defined service elements and contract-specific parameters are the components of a modular lifecycle service contract. Choosing and specifying these plant-specific service elements and contract parameters is carried out in cooperation with you.


The contract solution is based on the specific requirements of the plant and the necessary maintenance concepts.



Benefits at a glance


  • Long-term protection of investments
  • Planning capability for modernization and maintenance costs at the time of the investment across the entire lifetime of up to 15 years (TCO)
  • Increased plant availability through contracted response times for servicing, spare parts and preventive maintenance
  • Expertise of the manufacturer of the automation system
  • Serviceability is ensured by guaranteed spare parts supply, support services, software and contractual support throughout the lifecycle of the plant
  • Project management from a single source for the entire duration of the contract



Successful examples

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