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You would like to learn more about digital transformation in industry? Or find out how our service experts help our customers to master their challenges? In a clear and concise manner, without additional time expenditure? Then you've come to the right place! Here you will find a an ever-growing mix of Digital Enterprise Services podcasts on a wide variety of topics, as well as valuable bonus material.

The Digital Enterprise Services Podcast

Let‘s talk Services!

AI, Edge, Digital Twins, the whole world of Digitalization 

These terms are on everyone's lips. But what does Service have to do with it?! Isn’t Service all about spare parts, repair services and so on?


Well, Service has a lot to do with digitalization. With Digital Enterprise Services, the Business Unit Customer Services is implementing digitalization at the customers’ factory.

How? Hear for yourself by listening to this Podcast and find out why Service is more than you think…


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MICROMASTER Museum – a product journey

Listen to experts explore the past of the MICROMASTER and share a song or album they personally associate with this Siemens converter. The MICROMASTER has been sold more than 5 million times globally, but product cancellation has been communicated.


We will be going on a journey with the much-loved MICROMASTER and honor its success. While looking back we prepare for the final farewell in a few years’ time and learn why now is a good time to transition from MICROMASTER to SINAMICS. This podcast is presented by Digital Enterprise Services. 


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