RaisioAqua Building

Pushing the boundaries together

The journey of Raisioaqua and Siemens: when a cooperation turns into a strategic partnership where only imagination is the limit.
The challenge

The Baltic Blend: Only the best will succeed

As one of the biggest fish food producers worldwide, Finland produces 179 million kilos of fish a year. The Baltic Blend is an excellent example of the circular economy on a local level. Marine raw materials from sustainably caught fish stocks naturally meet the nutritional requirements of fish. That’s why the level of demand for feed quality is very high. As an example, product quality is a critical competitive factor in fish feed production and paves the way toward improved customer satisfaction.
We need to collect data from every production batch in order to trace any potential quality defects and to respond appropriately to any complaints from customers.
Mikko Koskelainen, Operations Manager at Raisioaqua

Raisioaqua – eyes set into the future

Raisioaqua is a fish feed producer from Finland that helps its fish farm customers to produce healthy food for consumers sustainably, effectively, and profitably, promoting the animal welfare. Strong expertise in the feeding suitable for Northern conditions and in innovative, ecological top-feeds are at the core of their operations.


Raisioaqua started 2018 to optimize their operations by applying the holistic Siemens’ digital transformation concept which is based on the Consulting, Implementation and Optimization approach.

Improving product quality based on agile development

The initial trigger was to further improve the product quality and to increase quality control throughout the entire production value chain. Because Raisioaqua is shipping the feed to fish farms across Finland as well as in Russia and must meet the high-quality requirements set by its customers.


To ensure stable product quality, continuous monitoring of the production process is required. Furthermore Raisioaqua wanted to implement agile changes, which is why the company decided to utilize co-creation principles and agile development in their quality improvement project.

The solution

Strategic partnership for continuous optimization

Consulting: Using Value Hacker Workshops to identify Raisioaquas strategic goals and set a roadmap together

As a first step the Value Hacker Workshops were chosen to set the basis for Raisioaquas digitalization journey. During the Value Hacker Workshop an agile co-creation development method is applied, that aims to produce added value solutions and services to support our customers in the digital transformation of their businesses.


Focus lies on identifying the RaisioAqua’s strategic goals especially concerning the digital transformation journey and roadmap. Based on the identified strategic challenges, Siemens Service Experts and Raisioaqua jointly created their technological roadmap. The roadmap includes applicable technologies and most importantly the identified added value provided by said technologies.

Implementation: Integrating all relevant production assets into a suitable data management solution

The challenge was to establish a connectivity and data management solution that could be easily integrated with all the existing automation systems as well as with new equipment in the future.


Mindsphere, the open Industrial IoT operating system from Siemens, was the best match to answer these requirements and the connectivity to Raisioaquas production was implemented. Siemens Service Experts were responsible to connect new third party equipment/systems and to select the applicable MindSphere components.

To ensure efficient utilization of the MindSphere IoT platform suitable training sessions for the customers users and administrators were executed.

MindSphere has proved to be a working solution. We have given up the traditional Excel files. With the help of MindSphere we have been able to collect relevant production data that is visualized in IoT user interfaces for production operators in a meaningful way.
Petri Elonen, Plant Manager at Raisioaqua

Optimization: Ensuring continuous improvements with agile digitalization projects on a regular basis

During the last three years various digital transformation projects were developed and executed together with Siemens as their strategic partner. As an outcome of their cooperation roadmap two Value Hacker Workshops are planned each year which enables continuous improvement and optimization for Rasioaqua.


Also, the product quality has already been improved with the knowledge derived from collected and visualized data within the Mindsphere IoT platform. Due to continuous adaption of the parameters and dashboards by the Siemens Service experts, data driven operations are possible. “We had various requirements for Siemens, and we have always received excellent service,” says Elonen.


Recently as an outcome of one of the previous Value Hacker Workshops Raisioaqua replaced the existing and outdated automation system with a new SIMATIC PCS7 system out of the Siemens Automation portfolio. This state-of-the-art automation system and its features enables Raisioaqua to achieve a better transparency on their data streams.

The value

Imagination is the only limit

When visions meet technology, everything is possible

“In the beginning of the cooperation, we had a strategic vision. Siemens had a plan and the technologies to realize our vision.” remembers Elonen. Continuous improvement and optimization is done in a strategic partnership with Siemens and continuous agile development process ensures that all activities are taking Raisioaqua closer to their strategic targets.


Essential for a trustful partnership was always the personal contact to Siemens and the fast response to all technological and strategical questions. “It was not just a new journey for Raisioaqua, it was and still is also a jointly learning path for Siemens: How we can use our technologies and our cooperation model to provide real customer value, also for other customers in the future.“ states Petri Auramo, Raisioaqua first personal contact from Siemens.

The Cooperation with Siemens has deepened into a strategic partnership where only our imagination is the limit.
Petri Elonen, Plant Manager at Raisioaqua