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Retrofit solutions and modernization services

Drive trains, automation and process systems as well as machine tools need to always run both safely and reliably. So, they can easily come up against their limits. Thus, plant operators need intelligent concepts and solutions to achieve their productivity and performance targets, while protecting their investments. This is precisely the goal of our Retrofit and Modernization Services.

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Retrofit Services: Protecting investments, safeguarding the future

Unscheduled downtimes, low energy efficiency, high maintenance costs: When outdated machines and plants cause problems, the crucial decision for you as the operator is whether to conduct a industrial facility modernization with new equipment or to overhaul the existing equipment and upgrade it to the state-of-the-art with our Modernization Services.

Your benefits at a glance

Our Retrofit and Modernization Services not only reliably reduce the rising maintenance costs associated with an advanced lifecycle, but also increase plant availability. Additionally, they help identify and utilize additional efficiency and energy-saving potential – for example, by using energy-saving components and integrating them intelligently into the automation environment.

Retrofit and Modernization Services in practice

How our customers have upgraded their machines and plants to the state-of-the-art with our technology and industry expertise.