A whole new life for your drive at a fraction of the cost

Retrofitting an aging machine with new drive technology can quickly improve its productivity, cut soaring maintenance costs and greatly extend the machine’s life cycle. You can depend on Siemens to provide the level of retrofit assistance you need.

Future-proof and flexible

Keeping pace with the constant demand to modernize, improve productivity, reduce costs and increase quality is a challenge we all have to deal with every day. One solution is to purchase all-new, state-of-the-art products that suit your manufacturing needs.  This may seem to be an ideal solution, however, the costs can be excessive when compared to already stretched capital budgets.  Retrofitting an existing drive gives you access to new technologies and provides an attractive alternative that will deliver maximum value for your investment.  A drive retrofit package can help you keep pace with future demands at substantially lower cost than purchasing a new drive system. 

Why retrofit?

Here are some examples of how you can benefit from retrofit of your current drive product to new technology:

  • Improved availability with corresponding increase in productivity
  • Easier operation
  • Modern technology with features that may not have been available when the original equipment was  manufactured
  • Reduced downtimes and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Guaranteed spare part supply
  • An economical alternative to purchasing a new drive
  • Increased ROI vs. equipment replacement alternatives

Why Siemens?

Siemens combines drive technology expertise and industry know-how to provide our customers a fast and highly efficient implementation of their retrofit projects.  Here are a few good reasons to consider partnering with Siemens:

  • Our US-based team of service engineers, technicians, and professionals are ready to support you where you need us, when you need us, 24/7
  • We have an unparalleled expertise in drive technology - both our own manufacture and other models
  • We are committed to safety, environmental and regulatory compliance at all levels of our business
  • We are committed to the success of your operations, and go out of our way to deliver the best solutions

Drive Retrofit Services

These engineered drive life-extension solutions enable you to meet today's demands faster while also giving you the flexibility to adapt to new business opportunities. Learn more about the full range of retrofit solutions and services Siemens has to offer:

SISynch provides excitation, control and field circuit protection for brushless and brush type synchronous motors. The product is available in a variety of standard ratings for a broad range of excitation requirements and can be supplied in several physical configurations appropriate for both new equipment installations and older existing equipment retrofit.


Learn more about retrofit service options for Synchronous Motor Control Systems


Brochure: SISynch Syncronous Motor Control Systems

SISynch Request for Quote Checklist

Legacy Siemens and non-Siemens drives are retrofitted or replaced with current Siemens design.  For example, we can retrofit legacy Siemens ROBICON 454GT low voltage drives that were discontinued in 2007.  The 454GT retrofit solution is based on the modern SINAMICS type W drive.  We replace the original 454GT converter with a new SINAMICS converter and re-use the existing enclosure and other components.  We have similar solutions for the Masterdrive model and a variety of other Siemens obsolete equipment.


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Brochure: ROBICON 454GT Migration to SINAMICS type W

Brochure: SIMOVERT Masterdrives Services

The modern approach to low voltage motor speed control is based on variable frequency AC technology.  However, there are certain applications that require DC and a huge installed base of older DC motors and drives remains in service.  Legacy DC drive reliability is an issue but many of the associated DC motors are in excellent condition.  AC retrofit in these applications requires replacement of the existing DC motor with a new AC motor whereas in many cases, modernizing the drive is all that’s required to extend overall drive system life for many years to come.  Siemens can provide a complete range of DC drive retrofit solutions for these applications based on modern, current manufacture SINAMICS DC drive technology.  We also continue to manufacture a broad range of DC motors and components for motor modernization and replacement applications.


Flyer: Retrofit for SIMOREG and SIMOREG DC MASTER Drives

Siemens can retrofit your legacy MV drive equipment with our modern Perfect Harmony technology.  We offer a variety of equipment upgrades for older Siemens drives (e.g. control system modernization, cooling system retrofits, capacitor replacements, etc) or, we can also replace your older Siemens and non-Siemens equipment with new equipment.  Our services include applications engineering to correctly specify all new equipment, installation design engineering, site construction and installation services, commissioning and complete project management.


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Flyer: Perfect Harmony NXGI/NXGII Migration to NXGpro

Flyer: FAQ - SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 NXGpro Control System Upgrade 

Whitepaper: Perfect Harmony NXGII to NXGPro

Siemens has unique expertise to retrofit your above-NEMA motors.  We will replace your existing motor with a new motor that is matched to your specific application, including custom shaft dimensions and terminal box locations as required to match and line up to the existing driven load and motor cable terminations.  We can also provide form, fit and function retrofits for existing legacy Siemens motors that have the same physical configuration as the original motor but incorporate modern technology (e.g. high temperature insulation systems).  Lastly, we can manufacture exact 1:1 replacements for legacy Siemens motors for use in certain highly regulated applications.


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ANEMA and IEC Large Motor services