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Retrofit and Modernization Services for Factory Automation

When faults become more common, failures are more likely, and maintenance costs are rising, those are sure signs that a machine or plant is starting to age. To ensure your long-term success it’s also vital to have the foundations in place for the digital transformation.   Standardized migration solutions from Siemens enable a smooth, safe, and efficient transition to the latest automation technology. Flexible financing solutions from Siemens let you perform upgrades when the time is right, while keeping costs manageable. That way, you can minimize the impact on your company’s liquidity and equity.

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Smooth, safe transition to the latest technology with minimum impact on liquidity

Migration support from Siemens is individual, just like your starting situation and objectives. Even so, the basic principle hasn’t changed: proven products and services and flexible financing strategies for a generational change in automation, and to implement the digital transformation at a calculable and transparent cost.  There is a wide range of potential options, from individual support to comprehensive service, from a partial migration (including non-Siemens systems) to a full system modernization. We have the ideal solution for your needs! 

Partial migration

You can often achieve lasting productivity improvements and keep up with the latest market requirements by just replacing individual devices. This lets you protect investments you have already made, and involves only minimum effort and capital expenditure.

Full migration

Full migration involves replacing all the hardware and migrating the software. This gives you access to particularly innovative products and solutions. You can take full advantage of the benefits of a complete system that represents the state of the art, and face the foreseeable future with confidence.

A clear outlook, sure success

The greatest possible benefit and maximum return for you – that’s the focus of migration support from Siemens. And that’s why all our actions are concentrated on four key and precisely quantifiable objectives.

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Step by step to success

Siemens supports you as an experienced partner to help with your migration project, with its proven products and solutions, product and industry know-how built up over decades, and experts providing professional assistance on the spot.    A clearly defined process ensures cost-efficiency and success: your migration project benefits from the best possible preparation and rigorous efforts to minimize risks, and a fallback strategy you can trust offers protection once your systems are up and running.

What are your objectives?

Is it most important for you to improve your plant availability and protect your investments, or do you want to make full use of the benefits that innovative products and systems can offer? Is a partial or a complete migration right for you?


Core elements:

  • Define your requirements
  • Determine the scope of migration
  • Clarify project scope and general conditions

What needs to be done?

Precise analysis of existing system and technical opportunities for implementation.


Core elements:

  • Analyze existing automation systems
  • Elaborate potential migration plans, including a risk assessment
  • Prepare offer based on provisional plan

What will happen, and when?

Developing a reliable roadmap for implementation, commissioning, testing and acceptance.


Core elements:

  • Implement specifications (requirements and performance)
  • Prepare outline and detailed scheduling for implementation and commissioning phases
  • Allocate necessary resources (mechanical, electrical, hardware, software)

Set to work!

Design, engineering, and procurement of the necessary components.


Core elements:

  • Software migration and testing
  • Draw up wiring diagrams
  • Order necessary components (control system, control panel, etc.)
  • Develop fallback strategy

Does everything work as planned?

Commissioning and comprehensive testing of all components.


Core elements:

  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Review hardware and electrical installation
  • Test software modules and entire machine
  • Test under production conditions

Are you happy?

Handover of modernized system to you, and completion of project.


Core elements:

  • Draw up a plant log
  • Develop a long-term maintenance plan
Offer range

How you benefit from our comprehensive retrofit and migration services

Migration experts from Siemens will be there to help you make the project a success, from the initial inventory to planning the best actions to take, working out the ideal financing strategy, implementing the project, and finally commissioning your system. 

Financing models of modernization projects


How impressive migration projects can be with Siemens

In many projects all around the world, migration projects from Siemens have ensured that machines and plant work more efficiently and more productively, with less impact on the environment. Learn how companies with individual retrofitting and modernization solutions implement the latest automation technology and ensure their future success.