Easily replace converters yourself ‒ with the Retrofit Kit for Drives

Key Visual Retrofit Kit for Drives

Save the expense of calling a service technician. The Retrofit Kit for Drives is designed specifically for replacing MICROMASTER and SINAMICS G110 converters. You can configure, install, parameterize, and start it up all by yourself: We promise!

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If you want or need to replace discontinued converters, our Retrofit Kit is just what you need. It’s state-of-the-art, powerful, energy-efficient, and ready for digitalization. All you need is the data from your old converter, a certain amount of manual skill, and a Web browser where you’ll select and order your new converter. The process is simple, and it saves you time and money.
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Your new SINAMICS converter and its many benefits are just a few clicks away. Select the button on the right to go directly to Siemens Industry Online Support. Or visit your electrical equipment wholesaler’s Web shop, where you’ll find the configurator so you can get started right away.

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