IT Infrastructure for Data Archiving, Visualization and Backup in Automation Plants

SIMATIC DCS/SCADA Infrastructure Key Visual

SIMATIC  DCS/SCADA Infrastructure

Increase availability of your automation plant with pre-assembled and serviced IT systems! Historical plant data provide decisive information for increasing productivity. Tapping into the enormous volume of data for plant optimization requires a powerful archiving, reporting and backup system. Siemens Services provide a comprehensive IT solution consisting of server-hardware and software, together with tailor-made services – all from a single source. We deliver everything you need for operation, data archiving and backup in the industrial environment, particularly in the field of process automation.

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SIMATIC DCS/SCADA Infrastructure

Data archiving, visualization and backup

SIMATIC DCS/SCADA Infrastructure is a service offer which provides a powerful and preconfigured IT infrastructure with pre-installed software. A prefabricated complete system ensures that the engineering and commissioning phase can be carried out as efficiently as possible. In addition, customized services cover the complete lifecycle – for all the installed components as well as for the complete system.

Process Data Storage

The reliable SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Historian / Information Server software is available for data archiving and visualization. It is supplied as pre-configured and preinstalled software on a powerful server in different sizes.

Backup & Restore Storage

The right disaster recovery strategy is an extremely important factor to restart production after a breakdown and to prevent data loss.

With our Backup & Restore Professional Service backups are created automatically during operation of the plant.

We have teamed up with the market leader “Veeam” to provide the best possible disaster recovery solution to our customers. It makes it possible to act quickly and effectively in case of an incident.

A 3- or a 5-year service agreement is the integral part of all Process Historian and Backup&Restore services. In case of an error, SIMATIC technical support provides assistance and coordinates the activities to 3rd party suppliers concerning all hardware and software system components.

Furthermore, the service contract contains all spare parts and on-site support for 5 years.

Every complex IT infrastructure includes components that are essential for the operation and the function of the overall system. To facilitate your work processes, we put together an accessory package for you, such as an individually configurable process control keyboard, thin clients or workstation screens with brackets. Feel free to ask us!

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