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We keep your production running and provide the basis for continuous improvement

We’re on hand to assist in all sectors, putting our experience and skills at your disposal with our range of services for the entire low-voltage drive system, consisting of SINAMICS converters and SIMOTICS electric motors. We’ll be there wherever you need us, throughout the entire lifecycle of your machine.

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Siemens Drive System Services Innovations

Starting your digital transformation

Digital Drive System Services

Digitalizing our services is an important step toward a new phase in the partnership with our customers. We’ve added new functions to expand our traditional range of services. Targeted evaluation of operational and performance data for motors and converters helps you improve the availability and efficiency of your systems and increase productivity. These are the three steps to success:

Sound insights to support your decision-making

Digitalization Check provides you with optimal support when it comes to digitalizing the drive systems in your plant. You get specific recommendations for connecting your motors and converters to MindSphere. Trained technicians from the Siemens organization document your plant and machine data on-site in a standardized form, without interrupting your production processes. An expert at a central location then assesses the opportunities for connecting the drive systems to MindSphere, and develops customized recommendations on that basis. A detailed system and machine analysis performed as part of the Digitalization Check eliminates project-based barriers and gives you the transparency you need when opting for a digital future.


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Your connection for greater success

The ideal connection between drive systems and MindSphere is developed using Siemens connectivity modules. To visualize drive parameters and optimize drive systems, the MindSphere application Analyze MyDrives and SIDRIVE IQ Fleet for Motors provide the necessary transparency. If you prefer, we can set up the MindSphere application and configure your drive parameters for you.


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Improved processes, optimized maintenance

Advanced algorithms and Predictive Services turn data into valuable knowledge that helps you continuously improve your processes. That includes longer machine service life, cost savings, and quality improvements. We can do this by introducing a continuous monitoring system capable of improving plant availability and planning maintenance work at an early stage. You can also benefit from our traditional services, like spare-part and repair services, service agreements, and modernization programs, including upgrades and retrofits, to improve your productivity.

Plan maintenance proactively

Predictive Services for Drive Systems

From reactive to proactive!

Predictive Services for Drive Systems is a standardized service option aimed at improving your productivity by optimizing servicing cycles and activities. We combine our expert support and a MindSphere application to make the operating status of your motors and converters as transparent as possible, and offer detailed information about impending maintenance. At the same time, you benefit from a simplified order process for planning, performing, and documenting your maintenance activities.


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Each industry needs specific Predictive Services. We’ve developed these services based on our extensive industry expertise. 


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Our service portfolio

Services designed with you in mind

How do I hedge against risk for the long term? Who will help with technical questions and faults? When is retrofitting advisable? Who can I turn to if something serious happens? This is exactly why we created Drive System Services – both analog and digitalized – designed for your needs.

How you benefit from our services for your drivetrain

  • Improved productivity
  • Assured plant availability
  • Cost savings
  • Optimized asset and resource management

Support for all your tasks

Draw on our accumulated expertise on all aspects of products, systems, and services – free of charge, whenever you need it. In Industry Online Support you’ll find manuals, videos, planning data, product master data, 3D models, and forums where you can interact with other users and experts.


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Customized and professional

Our specialists are here to assist with all technical questions by telephone, quickly and professionally. Even if you have questions on products that have been discontinued or are otherwise no longer available. We’ll e-mail or call you back with a customized proposal.


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Reliable handling of service claims

Our experienced, qualified service technicians help with commissioning, maintaining, and optimizing your drive systems – and will be on-site quickly if servicing is required.


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Improved reliability, no matter how near or far

Remote Support, Mobile Diagnostics, and Remote Diagnostics are three service packages designed to ensure maximum availability. The two “Remote” services provide targeted support by remote, with fast response times. Remote Support provides improved fault clearance, while Remote Diagnostics enables continuous monitoring of your drive components and optimized maintenance. With Mobile Diagnostics, our service experts read out the data from your drivetrain via a mobile measurement device at contractually agreed intervals to suit your needs, which ensures the most efficient use of time and materials.


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Assured operation

Benefit from comprehensive spare parts strategies – if an outage happens, or to take preventive action to optimize your spare parts management. Our service includes delivery, replacement or repair, product upgrades, functional testing, general overhauls … all with minimum inventory requirements.


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Hedge against risk

Our customized service agreements ensure fast response times and the swiftest possible fault repair by qualified service specialists. Customized service packages mean we can offer you the right services for the entire service life of your drives. That includes prioritized fault repairs, transparency regarding the availability of spare parts, and training sessions to improve your skills, so you can make the best possible use of your drive system.


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Invest with virtually no risk

Investing in energy savings is one way to curb costs for the longer term, even if the exact savings are often harder to calculate than with other production-level investments. Imagine being able to finance the investment from your energy savings! That’s the aim of Energy Performance Contracting, which minimizes your investment risk.


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