Industry Services for Process Control Systems

Availability and serviceability of your control technology are decisive when it comes to making your operating costs predictable and optimize them, protect your investments and ensure plant availability. This is why lifecycle services in modern plants ensure full functionality and scheduled modernization of the control technology over defined periods of time.

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Overview of services

Overview of services – modular and combinable

With our Industry Services for Process Control Systems we are covering the entire lifecycle of your plant – and thus making a significant contribution to achieving your goals.

Whether it is standard services such as repairs and spare parts or predictive and preventive maintenance - the Lifecycle Services for SIMATIC PCS 7 are a high-performance service program. Select from our comprehensive modular portfolio according to your needs.

The Lifecycle Management Suite optimizes plant maintenance during the planning, execution and documentation of all service activities.


The pre-configured, COMOS MRO-based system provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for lifecycle services which are already assigned to the SIMATIC PCS 7 and the Process Instrumentation system components.


Advantages at a glance


  • Pre-configured CMMS system with populated assets and service checkpoints
  • Consistent data maintenance through integration in a data platform creates transparency and traceability
  • Mobile data access on site with maintenance information and documentation in real time

Managed System Services are modularly structured life cycle services focused on providing comprehensive system support with innovative and proactive services.


The core of the portfolio element is a comprehensive system inventory, the central coordination of all service activities by a Support Manager and regular reporting.



Advantages at a glance


The efficient processing of complex support requests with central coordination reduces maintenance costs and creates transparency.


  • Individual & competent
  • Coordinated & efficient
  • Proactive & informative

Our Remote Services for Process Automation are prerequisite for increasing flexibility, efficiency and productivity.


Remote Assisted Collaboration or Desktop Sharing as technology-based services can be used in the engineering phase, over commissioning all the way to maintenance.



Advantages at a glance


  • Global availability of special know-how directly from the product manufacturer
  • Technical assistance during configuration, commissioning and in the operating phase
  • Globally protected access via remote service platform, certified in accordance with the ISO 27001 / CERT standard
  • Virtual SIEMENS experts on site in your plant, even in hazardous areas


Inventory Baseline Services are modern data-driven services that use new methods and tools to help you maintain your machines and plants even more efficiently.    


Inventory Baseline Services are step-by-step processes – from data collection, over data processing all the way to verification and reporting. 



Advantages at a glance


  • Cost-effective and standardized inventory
  • Decision-making tools for planned plant expansions
  • Preparation for updates/upgrades
  • Basis for running additional services

A SIMATIC System Audit creates transparency regarding the current status and serviceability of the SIMATIC automation system.


The modular portfolio of the audit enables customized plant assessment, as a basis and decision-making aid for future service strategies or service contracts. 



Advantages at a glance


  • Competent analysis of weak points and risks with recommendations
  • Minimization of system risks for service and upgrade capability
  • Reduction of standstill and downtimes by ensuring serviceability
  • Proven basis for lifecycle service contracts

Lifecycle Information Services provide important information on the product status, service recommendations for the Siemens products of your installed basis as well as decision-making tools for additional plant-specific services.


The portfolio of Lifecycle Information Services has a modular structure and lets you decide how detailed you want the reports to be.



Advantages at a glance


  • Proactive regular service information prevents increasing maintenance costs
  • Optimization of the plant availability through use of specific service recommendations
  • Minimization of the risk of functional obsolescence
  • Prevention of unscheduled downtimes or cost-intensive supply bottlenecks for new or spare parts 

Asset Optimization Services use a structured and systematic approach for the holistic optimization of the spare parts supply.


The individual phases are designed as modules in the service portfolio and can also be applied separately as needed.



Advantages at a glance


  • Safe and reliable spare part supply
  • Improved serviceability and thus increase in plant availability
  • Lower capital commitment through technical and economical warehouse optimization
  • Maximum transparency in warehouse management


Legacy System Services bridge the time until a planned plant modernization of the process control system based on SIMATIC PCS 7.


Selected components of obsolete SIMATIC PCS 7 versions together with contractually guaranteed technical support, ensure the continuous operation of an existing plant for the agreed period of time.



Advantages at a glance


  • Proactive support - Contractually guaranteed support for obsolete SIMATIC PCS 7 components ensures plant operation.
  • Investment protection - Legacy System Services provide the necessary time and financial freedom until the next plant modernization.
  • Cost transparency - Far more reliable maintenance cost planning ensures the cost-effective operation of the plant.

The security of industrial plants requires an integrated approach at all levels for comprehensive protection from cyber attacks and for avoiding security vulnerabilities.


With proven concepts for plant security, network security and system integrity, Industrial Security Services offer a coordinated solution portfolio especially for the security of industrial plants.



Advantages at a glance


  • Plant-specific and risk-based security roadmap
  • Avoidance of security vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive protection from cyber attacks
  • Preparation for updates/upgrades
  • Transparency of the plant security status
  • Proactive prevention of potential threats

Tap potentials with IT infrastructures and cloud solutions – customized solutions to support your control system on the way to virtualization and digitalization! 

Minimized downtimes and optimum utilization of personnel and equipment are important keys to successful plant operation.


The efficient care, maintenance and modernization of the installed system components opens up significant optimization potential. This is exactly where our innovative standardized service product 'SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service' comes into play and supports you in your efficient virtualization solution. 



Advantages at a glance


  • Energy savings of up to 75% 
  • Space savings of up to 80% 
  • Lifecycle services from a single source 
  • Global availability 
  • Ready-to-run system
  • Fast expansion of system components
  • Reduced upgrade / update workload
  • Optimal use of existing hardware resources

Computing power, operating lifecycle, bandwidths – the actually needed engineering resources vary depending on the programming task. Cloud computing enables the demand-based supply of virtual resources in a central IT infrastructure, the cloud. Billing is dependent on the usage. In addition, you can use this cloud solution for location-independent multi-project and multi-user engineering.



Advantages at a glance


  • Ready to run – The availability of a standardized testing and development environment lowers the costs for infrastructure design or configuration.
  • Flexible use – The flexible use of distributed engineering resources enables location-independent multiproject and multi-user engineering.
  • Pay per use – A demand-oriented price model reduces the investment costs to the actual use.

The availability and security of data is decisive for complex data archiving processes: it must be reliable and stored without gaps for a long period of time. Just as important are task-specific reporting and data visualization.


SIMATIC DCS / SCADA Infrastructure provides a powerful and preconfigured IT infrastructure with installed SIMATIC PCS 7 – Process Historian / Information Server software. 



Advantages at a glance


  • Ready to use – Easy implementation of complex architectures with ready-to-use system components
  • Performance-optimized – Optimal usage of the installed hardware resources
  • All from a single source – A holistic solution consisting of hardware, software and services


In many industrial plants, it is necessary to integrate the medium-voltage power supply switchgear into a complete automation system. 


Power Control Integration Services enable the homogeneous integration of electrical switchgear devices for protection and control (IEDs- Intelligent Electronic Devices) in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, based on the IEC 61850 standard. This significantly increases the entire plant’s degree of integration. 



Advantages at a glance


  • Efficient – Cost-effective solution based on standard components (Industrial Ethernet)
  • Flexible – Scalable and flexible from just a few to several hundred devices
  • Lifecycle-oriented – long-term protection of serviceability
Lifecycle Service Contracts

Sustainable protection of serviceability – with scalable service contracts

Defined service elements and contract-specific parameters are the components of a modular lifecycle service contract. Choosing and specifying these plant-specific service elements and contract parameters is carried out in cooperation with you.


The contract solution is based on the specific requirements of the plant and the necessary maintenance concepts.



Advantages at a glance


  • Long-term protection of investment
  • Calculability of modernization and maintenance costs from the beginning of the investment up to 15 years of duration (TCO)
  • Increased plant availability through contracted response times for servicing, spare parts and preventive maintenance
  • Expertise of the manufacturer of the automation system
  • Serviceability is ensured by guaranteed spare parts supply, support services, software and contractual support throughout the lifecycle of the plant
  • Project management from a single source for the entire duration of the contract


Here you can find additional information and offers regarding our service portfolio for the SIMATIC PCS 7 control systems.

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