Customized support through proactive system services

Managed System Services - proactive and holistic

The smooth interaction of complex automation and drive products ensures high productivity and cost-effectiveness of machines and plants in a wide variety of applications and industries. Competent and efficient support for the products and systems used is therefore of vital importance, especially for engineering tasks and maintenance. Managed System Services offer integrated system support from system inventory to technical support and all the way to regular system reports.

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Competent, efficient, proactive

A Support Manager for every situation

Managed System Services are modularly structured life cycle services focused on providing comprehensive system support with innovative and proactive services. The core of the portfolio element is a comprehensive system inventory, the central coordination of all service activities by a Support Manager, and regular reporting.

The setup is necessary to learn both your plant and your maintenance processes and to integrate them into the system. Upon completion of this module, you will receive information about the processing, communication, and the IT access and an initial Lifecycle Status Report. 

A central Support Manager that is assigned to you prioritizes and coordinates all of the required service and support activities. He also ensures the efficient exchange of information between the participating partners. Thanks to the efficient networking and cross-disciplinary role, he can use previously gained experiences and existing solutions for processing complex requests.

This module provides regular status reports, from the initial system acceptance to the final report, over the entire

period of the contract. You will also receive exclusive access to the online information system with all of the contract-relevant contents, an overview of all support requests, and special service-relevant information, downloads, FAQs, webinars, etc.

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Lifecycle Service Contracts

Sustainable safeguarding of serviceability – with scalable service contracts

Defined service elements and contract-specific parameters are the components of a modular lifecycle service contract. Choosing and specifying these plant-specific service elements and contract parameters is carried out in cooperation with you.


The contract solution is based on the specific requirements of the plant and the necessary maintenance concepts.



Benefits at a glance


  • Long-term protection of investment
  • Planning capability for modernization and maintenance costs at the time of the investment across the entire lifetime of up to 15 years (TCO)
  • Increased plant availability through contracted response times for servicing, spare parts and preventive maintenance
  • Expertise of the manufacturer of the automation system
  • Serviceability is ensured by guaranteed spare parts supply, support services, software and contractual support throughout the lifecycle of the plant
  • Project management from a single source for the entire duration of the contract



Successful examples from practice

Companies from a range of industries around the world rely on our comprehensive service offering for process automation.