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In all lifecycle phases of your machinery and equipment
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Mastering challenges - today and tomorrow

Today's challenges for discrete and process industries may be manifold....

Travelling involves efforts and hurdles, not only now due to Covid-19 but also tomorrow as the "new normal". The availability of service experts is limited, however fast support including quick reaction and failure resolve time is required, otherwise unplanned asset downtime will be very expensive. In addition, with Industry 4.0 more and more devices are connected to the Internet of Things, leading to a high demand of internet security as the threat of cyberattacks is still increasing dramatically. 


...but there is one solution.

With Remote Collaboration Services you receive location-independent, optimal and system specific support for your installed assets. You have remote access to our service expert know-how everywhere and without any delay. This enables fast and secure troubleshooting, system diagnosis as well as comprehensive technical support in every phase of your machine or plant lifecycle. Thanks to our ISO 27001 certified data center, we provide you with proxy functionality, restrictive access rights management, comprehensive activity tracking, lock system access and immediate connection stop options.

Directly connect to people and devices

Remote Collaboration Services

Our service experts solve your problems in cooperation with you through secure remote access. With specific domain know-how about Remote Expert Networks, you can quickly and flexibly respond to market and customer requirements, while you are already supported during the planning and development phase of your plants and systems.

During operation, short retrofit and commissioning times are a central factor which ensures that you can launch your products on the market quickly and in consistently high quality. Thus, our experts support you during the commissioning phase, verify your configuration, and provide remote assistance during the setup of up your systems. This means that with Remote Commissioning, you can optimize your processes, by shortening the time-to-market, and therefore improve the efficiency of your production.

Remote Assistance does not only provide a reliable operation of your plants and systems, supported by our service experts, it also offers extremely fast response times in case of troubleshooting as well as a systematic identification of causes and potential for optimization. In addition, it comprises the planning, diagnostics, optimization and execution of maintenance intervals and can be used for unscheduled maintenance or in difficult-to-access areas, whereas predictive maintenance offers additional potential.

In online trainings, our SITRAIN experts convey the training content as described in the learning objectives, in live theory lectures and practical exercises. In virtual classrooms, your trainer is always available for questions and technical discussions. This also applies during the individual practical exercises. These are carried out in the Virtual Exercise Lab or remotely on training equipment. All you need is a standard PC and an internet connection.

How does it work?

Discover our platform-based remote service infrastructure

The graduated security and access concept contains all aspects for secure and monitored communication, leading to a reduction of administrative effort through central administration of all system accesses. Through the separation of various networks (DMZ) there is absence of reaction. Thus, our platform allows central monitoring, logging and reporting with continuous remote monitoring by you, is compatible with general industrial security concepts and certified according to TÜV / CERT.

Your benefits at a glance

Find out how our Remote Collaboration Services support you to engage with experts worldwide at any time, by using SIEMENS proven infrastructure.

Remote Collaboration Services in practice

Find out how our Remote Collaboration Services generate added value for your company in practical applications. The following references serve as examples: