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Developing the 21st century workforce

Effective training plays an important role in helping companies retain and hire the right people. SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy offers comprehensive training programs and new learning technologies to deliver real business value. From novice to expert, our practice-based learning approach makes it possible to gain industry knowledge reinforced with hands-on experience. With its three areas – SITRAIN open, SITRAIN access and SITRAIN personal – SITRAIN offers a variety of delivery methods to meet your training needs. 

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The guys really liked the class. One of them recovered a machine last night with what he learned from the class. This saved at least a shift of production time. So we are already seeing results from the training.*
Major Renewables Customer  (*Savings for a shift is an average of $10,000 per hour)
Learning Journey

It’s time to explore your Learning Journey

The journey to competence is challenging and requires following the right path.

Our customized customer learning journey allows you to:

  •  Explore your path
  •  Understand your learning journey
  •  Learn the steps that lead to better business outcomes
  •  Map your success
  •  Make learning a continuous part of journey 

To learn more, download the SITRAIN Customer Learning Journey.

Knowing how we learn today

Knowledge is diverse, and everybody has their own learning rhythm and needs. That’s why SITRAIN is subdivided into three areas – so you can find the right line of knowledge you need, anytime.

Learn – but only from the best

The time to know is now. But where can you get expert knowledge for your project or career? Where can you find training that also leads you to many other sources of knowledge?


Get to know SITRAIN – the Digital Industry Academy. Here you’ll always find the right knowledge for your needs, taught the right way. 

Service is more than you think – Digital Enterprise Services

The SITRAIN training offer can be specially tailored to the requirements of different industries and use cases. They are part of the Digital Enterprise Services, with which our digitization experts support you in the digital transformation of your business. Our service experts work with you to determine when and where your digital transformation should begin - in the three steps consulting, implementation and optimization