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Vizendo Virtual Training Solutions support companies to improve the qualification of their employees

Turn your digital assets into qualification

Optimize your company’s training processes and assembly quality through 3D virtual learning. Virtual Training Solutions is a software that uses existing digital models of your plant to create 3D virtual training classes for your employees. Our innovative learning methods will improve your employees’ production, maintenance, and repair skills tailored to your company. Connect with a local expert and start your free virtual tour today!

Webinar: How to create virtual training using a digital twin of your machine in 3 easy steps

Watch the webinar recording and learn how you can easily get started to create your training content with Siemens Virtual Training Solutions. Instead of programming a training from scratch, Virtual Training Solutions reuses existing digital models of your plant to create interactive 3D virtual training classes for your employees.

The next generation of training

Virtual Training Solutions utilize digital assets from your CAD and PLM systems to deliver interactive 3D-based training and instruction solutions at your fingertips. Whether it be on desktop PCs, tablets, or smart phones, our solution provides realistic training simulations, thanks to augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Your benefits

Virtual Training Solutions provide tangible advantages over traditional trainings.

Create 3D virtual training in three easy steps

How can your digital assets be used for customized, effective trainings that use state-of-the-art technologies? Virtual Training Solutions are a full-service solution that comes in three easy steps.
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Virtual Trainings Solutions in practice

Discover the value Virtual Trainings Solutions can provide to your business. The following reference shows an application example:

Digital Enterprise Services – Service is more than you think.

Virtual Training Solutions are part of the Digital Learning Services, which follow the holistic approach of Siemens’ Digital Enterprise Services. With these, our digitization experts support you in the digital transformation of your company. Our service experts work with you to determine when and where your digital transformation should begin – in the three steps Consulting, Implementation, and Optimization.

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