Support and Consulting Services

Support and Consulting Services

Get answers you need about Siemens products.

Changes come quickly. New technology constantly impacts your industry and plant floor. To keep your people and equipment on pace with production goals, you may need advice. Whether it’s answering a simple question or resolving a complex situation, Siemens has you covered.   Siemens Support and Consulting Services provide clear answers to questions regarding installation, operation, and troubleshooting issues. From  Siemens industrial online support website, to on-call technical specialists, we have multiple levels of consultation. We are also here around the clock to lend guidance whenever you may need it.

Get immediate support - 24/7 Industry Customer Care Center 800.333.7421

Send an email (for non-emergency requests)

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All About Support and Consulting Services

Whether questions are complex or straightforward, all are important. Learn more about how our Support and Consulting Services give you the time and advice you need, when you need it, within your budget.

Service as a success factor

Our Industry Services increase the productivity, efficiency and future viability of machines and plants in all industries.
Customer Care Center

Siemens Industry Customer Care Center - One-call for technical experts, service requests and emergency support

1 hours

24 hours a day

15000 Calls

18,000 calls per month

25000 Solutions

Over 30,000 solutions identified every day

Siemens Industry Customer Care Center responds to over 18,000 calls per month. One call to our center makes it easier than ever to reach technical experts, request field services, and receive after-hours emergency support or spare parts. Help is available when you need it - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  With Siemens Industry Online Support website, you can click or browse to get the right support for your plant. This self-service tool helps customers search and identify over 30,000 solutions every day.