Asset Optimization Services

Effective management of your spare parts 

All parts managers struggle with the question of what and how much inventory to keep in stock. Too much inventory ties up capital and increases the cost of doing business, while too little inventory means otherwise-avoidable instances of downtime become regular drags on productivity and revenue. The ramifications of dollars lost for each hour of downtime, shortfalls in meeting customer expectations and reputation risk can cost the company thousands in sales profits. Interest costs associated with carrying inventory and the dollars that are wasted on obsolete parts can cause an otherwise profitable department to lose money.

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The consequences of not effectively managing your spare parts

There’s no single reason why companies need to have a strong spare parts planning system in place, as the benefits provided range across many different aspects of operations.

Right parts, Right place, Right time

In addition to increased uptime, best-in-class spare parts management leads to a reduction in capital expenditures by finding the optimal balance between stocking levels and the investment made into spare parts. Parts are better able to be put to use quickly and effectively instead of becoming obsolete while taking space (and budget) on your shelves.Simply put, you will "do more with less".

Service as a success factor – references

Our Industry Services increase the productivity, efficiency and future viability of machines and plants in all industries.

Take control of your spare parts inventory

No one has more service experience with your Siemens products than your original equipment supplier, Siemens. With our Asset Optimization Services, our experts will conduct an assessment of your current spare parts inventory and develop a detailed roadmap for improvement. We can also provide assistance with implementation, from Guaranteed Availability to Extended Exchange, while also giving you peace of mind that you always receive guaranteed Siemens quality spare parts.

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