Service Programs and Platforms: longer lifecycle, lower costs


Improve your plant performance by bundling compatible services

What are the right maintenance services for your installed assets? How can you extend the lifecycle of your plant? Our Service Programs and Platforms are the answer: You receive services that are optimally tailored to a specific product, system or solution. After all, every component has different technical requirements and therefore needs suitable services to reduce maintenance costs and optimize the lifecycle of your plant.

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Key Visual Support and Consulting Services

Your qualified and dedicated partner – also in these challenging times

We are all facing the impacts of COVID-19 everywhere – professionally and privately. That is why we have put together specific services for you, not only to ensure the continuity of your business, but also to prepare your company for the future, so that costs can be saved and the idle time of employees can be optimally used while your plant is down. At the same time, we prioritize the health of your and our employees!

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Long-term planning

The right Service Program for your plant

Our services are perfectly matched and complement one another in order to enable an extended lifecycle for individual components or entire systems. In this way, our Service Programs improve performance across the entire lifecycle and ensure that your plant is always state-of-the-art. Naturally, you can also take advantage of our different service offerings on a modular basis – tailored to your requirements.

Your benefits at a glance

You can rely on the long-term industry expertise and technical know-how of our service experts to extend the lifecycle of your plant or implement new and innovative concepts.
Additional service options

Service Platforms

Our Service Platforms offer digital services as well as contents which support you not only during the engineering phase but also in the operative and maintenance phase to assure productivity of the machine or plant. These digital services can be accessed easily and concisely via the platforms.

Industry Premium Portal

Your access to exclusive digital online services

The Industry Premium Portal provides access to digital services and exclusive content relating to the entire lifecycle of your products, including Lifecycle Check, Health Check, and Fileshare. It serves as basis for an innovative service portal and is only available for Premium Users with a one-year subscription.


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Thanks to our Service Programs and Platforms, our experts offer you the perfect addition to your installed assets. Get in touch with us today!

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