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To grow, you need the right people to keep pace with technology and organizational changes. Finding and developing them ranks among the toughest challenges for manufacturers today. In the US, a skills gap exists. There are too many jobs for which the unemployed are ill-prepared or inadequately trained. When skilled workers leave, knowledge continuity is at risk. At the same time, existing staff need to update their skills and build confidence to be effective contributors. The solution starts with education and development. The difference between a stable and unstable workforce can be something as basic as effective skills development. Employees who feel valued because their company invests in helping them improve their skills and knowledge, return the favor in loyalty and dedication. Established learning programs and learning paths also provide incentives for new hires and recruiting top talent.

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SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy helps manufacturers evaluate their workforce and design training programs to improve knowledge and skills. The process begins with an skills assessment of your workforce. Once we identify the skills gaps, the next step is to design a learning program that meets your needs. 

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SITRAIN integrates best practices and new learning technologies to deliver real business value. From novice to expert, our practice-based learning approach makes it possible to gain industry knowledge reinforced with hands-on experience. Our learning programs offer a variety of delivery methods to meet your training needs.

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Successful companies have already discovered it’s important to set up and expand the right knowledge in-house, and to train employees. You can read some of SITRAIN’s success stories here.
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