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DC-DC converters for smart applications

In industry, the focus is on maximum productivity, energy efficiency, and component reliability In addition, the reduction of CO2 greenhouse gases is a constant challenge. This requires a tailor-made solution for each specific task. Power grids are becoming increasingly volatile as more and more renewable energy sources feed power into them. This can also have an impact on the stability of industrial networks. DC-DC converters make it possible to integrate storage systems into the drive line-up. So, for example, regenerative energy can be stored temporarily and then be used for the process as required. The stored energy can also be supplied to the drive line-up in the event of peak load requirements or power failures. Siemens offers DC-DC converters from the SINAMICS product family for these different applications.

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Always the right option for any application, power and requirement: the wide variety of SINAMICS DC-DC converters means you can always find a custom-fit solution for your application.
Do you need space in the control cabinet?

Compact DC-DC converters

The SINAMICS DCP (DC Power Converter) product series contains all components of a DC-DC converter in one compact device.

Ready-to-go equipment

The SINAMICS DCP is a compact DC-DC converter that is ready for immediate use without the need for additional engineering. A power extension can also be easily implemented by connecting several SINAMICS DCPs in parallel.


Bringing both worlds together

As a boost and buck converter, the SINAMICS DCP is capable of connecting two different DC voltage systems at different voltage levels for easy energy exchange. As a result, fewer components are required and installation space is saved.


Putting the sun to work in your drive

The use of photovoltaics plays an increasingly important role in the energy mix of companies. However, the integration of photovoltaics into the drive line-up poses new challenges for industry. The SINAMICS DCP is a suitable coupling link that reduces the integration work involved and increases the efficiency of the entire drive system.

The Brochure SINAMICS DCP - SINAMICS DCP - The compact DC-DC converter for industrial and smart grid applications

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Technology overview

* Derating from 800 VDC
Operating voltage range DC

0 V – 1.000 V*

0 V - 1.000 V*
Rated current DC

50 A

200 A
Rated power

30 kW @ 600 V

120 kW @ 600 V
Electrical isolation


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Looking for tailor-made designs?

Engineered DC-DC converters

A Motor Module from the SINAMICS S120 multi-axis system is the core component of the engineered DC-DC converter. By adding supplementary components it becomes a complete DC-DC converter that can be individually adapted to the application.

Everything from a single source

The engineered DC-DC converter is based on the SINAMICS S120 platform and can therefore be easily integrated into the SINAMICS S120 drive line-up mechanically, electrically and also in terms of software. This generates synergy effects such as a uniform look & feel, the use of existing communication interfaces and a universal design.


Drawing on abundant resources

The Motor Module for the engineered DC-DC converter can be selected from the finely gauged power range of the SINAMICS S120 platform. This allows for power requirements up to the megawatt range as well as different cooling methods. Motor Modules with air and liquid cooling are available. The engineered DC-DC converter can also be deployed in harsh environmental conditions, such as in the marine sector.


Perfectly adaptable

Selecting the right Motor Module and the associated components, such as the output filter, helps to optimize the engineered DC-DC converter for the specific application. The flexibility in terms of power, design and voltage class allows special customer requirements to be satisfied perfectly.

Technology overview

* Additional components necessary: CU320-2, VSM10, storage reactor and, if applicable, capacitor module

** Depending on the supported Motor Module of the respective application

SINAMICS S120 Motor Modul Booksize*
SINAMICS S120 Motor Modul Chassis (400VAC)*
SINAMICS S120 Motor Modul Chassis (690VAC)*
DC-link voltage
510 V - 720 V
510 V - 720 V
675 V - 1080 V
Voltage range output DC
10 V - 710 V
10 V - 710 V
20 V - 1060 V
Rated current DC
6 A - 200 A**
210 A - 1405 A**
85 A - 1560 A**
Electrical isolation
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