Drive technology is now going digital

Start in a productive future with digital drive data

Whether it's the processing or manufacturing industry: nothing happens without drives. And drive systems also get you off to a good start when it comes to digitalization. The data from motors and converters is crucial to ensuring your competitiveness. We offer you a wide range of selection and engineering tools, connectivity modules, MindSphere applications, and Edge solutions, as well as digital services to help you meaningfully evaluate this information. This enables you to use drive data in machine and plant manufacturing in order, for example, to optimize your development processes, the properties of your machines and plants or your service. As an operator, however, you benefit from greater stability, flexibility and efficiency in your production and manufacturing processes.

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Virtualization for drive systems


Digital twin for drive systems

Virtualize and simulate your drives and their behavior.

Virtualization and simulation

Engineering of drive systems


Dimension and configure your drive system

Configure your drives with efficient tools.

Selection and engineering tools

Connectivity for drives


Digitally connect motors and converters to platforms

Make your drive system communication-capable.

Connectivity modules

Analysis of drive data and behaviour


Understand drives, applications, and machines

Turn your drive data into valuable knowledge.

Data analysis for drive components

Drive System Services


Customized services for the entire lifecycle

Our services for your drive train – analog or digital:

Drive System Services

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Your benefits

Digital drive for the success of your company

Take advantage of digitalization to stay competitive and make your production even more efficient, cost-effective, and flexible – or to implement new machine and plant concepts as a machine and plant manufacturer. The digitalization of low-voltage drive technology – for example, for the data-based optimization of the entire drive train – plays an important role and is a good starting point for the IIoT.
Discover why drive technology is the ideal entry into digitalization:

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Introductory videos

Quick introduction to digital drive technology

What can digitalization do for you in the area of low-voltage motors and converters? What applications can it optimize? Our videos on digital drive technology answer these questions and many more.
Digitalization portfolio

How to use drive data in each phase

Getting started in drive technology digitalization is very easy. We offer suitable digitalization solutions for low-voltage motors and low-voltage converters for every phase in the life cycle of a machine or plant. Thanks to continuous integration, you can start today in one area with little effort – and use the data acquired elsewhere tomorrow.

Concept and design of machines and plants

Siemens supports the concept stage of machines and plants, including the drive technology, with practical digital tools such as the NX MCD, SIZER as well as an EPLAN connection. Digital data simplify the simulation, changes and error prevention in advance. And a uniform database prevents unnecessary multiple capture and ensures a consistent planning basis.

Efficient, error-free planning of machines and plants

In view of the innumerable possible combinations, production and machine or plant planning often requires an unnecessarily large effort. By automating workflows and need-based support, our digital planning tools shorten this development step permanently.

Engineering and commissioning of machines and plants

With its efficient tools, Siemens ensures fast implementation and commissioning of digital drive solutions. As a result, machine and plant construction firms are spared time, cost and stress. Users benefit from a fast, smooth start and speedy commencement of production.

More efficient and reliable operation of machines and plants

During operation, the focus is on performance, availability and dynamic reserves. Or to be succinct: it’s about productivity. Efficient and intuitively operated tools and modules for drive technology digitalization help machine and plant operators to achieve optimum operation from their production. With the same applications, machine and plant construction firms keep an eye on important operating states and can make the ongoing operation more efficient and productive.

Services and optimization possibilities for machines and plants

In the last step in the value chain, the potential of digital drive solutions is found to be the most vivid. Here, machine and plant construction firms can offer new types of maintenance and optimization services, in order to optimize the availability of machines and plants even further. Operators benefit from unique, fail-safe reliability, availability and flexibility. Siemens offers a broad digitalization portfolio for the implementation.

In focus

Highlights from the digital drive world

To enable you to get more out of your drives, we advance the digitalization of your drive systems. The result is greater transparency, efficiency, and simplicity, as well as less time and effort, fewer failures, and lower costs.

Discover digital drives in practice

Digitalization of the drive train sounds interesting. And it offers tangible advantages. But how does it perform in practice? Here, anyone who asks themselves this question will find interesting answers and examples of already realized applications.

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