Your link to digital dimensions – the smart gateway for Industrial Edge and cloud connections

Whether it’s in a new or existing plant, SIMATIC IOT2050 easily and cost-effectively opens the way to digital dimensions. The smart IoT gateway is easy to retrofit, and will acquire, process, harmonize, and save machine and production data from multiple sources directly on-site in your production facility, and then pass it on, for example, to a local or cloud-based system. It’s especially easy to connect to MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens. And thanks to its future edge functionality, the SIMATIC IOT2050 can also be integrated into Industrial Edge solutions from Siemens.

The link between cloud, in-company IT and production:

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Your link for keeping pace

There’s a future for existing plants: With SIMATIC IOT2050, even existing systems of all ages can be quickly and cost-efficiently connected to digital dimensions. IIoT, Industrial Edge, or cloud systems – with the smart IoT gateway, you can take advantage of them all.

SIMATIC IOT2050 connects your brownfield plant with the digital future

Stay competitive and get more room to maneuver in your production, all at minimal cost: The SIMATIC IOT2050 smart IoT gateway is ideally suited for retrofitting, making existing plant and machines IIoT-capable easily and cost-efficiently. It connects different data sources, harmonizes communication between them, analyzes the data, and forwards it for analysis, for example to a local ERP system or cloud. That means you can make future-oriented production concepts a reality even for existing plants.


SIMATIC IOT2050 is easy to integrate in existing communications infrastructure using a bus system or serial interfaces. There’s no need to change either your existing control hardware or your software.


Your link to customized applications

Whether it’s flexible one-off manufacture, condition-based maintenance, or a reliable supply of materials for your production systems: With the SIMATIC IOT2050 smart IoT gateway you can implement value-added data-based applications for state-of-the-art production.

Agile, reliable, and efficient production with …

Your link to the strong IOT2000 community

SIMATIC IOT2050 is based on the open SIMATIC IOT2000 gateway platform, which has its own strong, international online community. The community can offer active support when you first start using the new gateway. In the forum you’ll find component-specific information – including details on the SIMATIC IOT2050 – and discover many examples and applications other users have already developed for the SIMATIC IOT2000. Interact with experts from Siemens and experienced users, and draw on the existing base of knowledge and experience on all aspects of industrial IoT solutions for your own project.

Industry Online Support

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The new SIMATIC IOT2050 IoT gateway, part of the globally successful SIMATIC automation system, is an easy and cost-efficient opportunity for every production plant to ensure a connection with the new digital world. Visit us at Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) for more information on the SIMATIC IOT2050, including delivery releases, certificates, and operating instructions.

SIMATIC IOT2050 – the smart gateway for Industrial Edge and cloud connections