Digital Drive Train Services

 Digital Drive Train Services - digital service for the entire powertrain

Knowing what’s working

Identifying weak points at an early stage, rapid troubleshooting, ideal planning of maintenance and servicing activities, optimizing stocks of spare parts – these are all benefits that you get as a plant operator if you are advised about the status of your drive systems at all times. Digital Drive Train Services add a further dimension to our traditional service business. Now, in addition to the hardware, connectivity and platform, you can also use the associated Digital Services throughout the entire drive train. Our Digital Drive Train Services are made up of a range of services that you can use on a modular basis, entirely in line with your needs.

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Services for the entire drive train

Ensure high availability for your drive train

Minimize unscheduled downtimes. Plan downtimes in advance. Significantly reduce downtime costs. Optimize your energy costs. You benefit from condition-based drive maintenance.
Benefits of Digital Drive Train Services

Digital Services for the entire drive train

With our modular digital portfolio you are ready for the future.


Cloud- and expert-based data analytics

With SIDRIVE IQ, condition data from your drive train components is transferred to the cloud via an encrypted connection. All the data is combined in a single system. Thanks to the web-based dashboard, you have constant transparency about the condition of your components. Automated status reports and e-mail alarm notifications in the event of limit value violations also help you to detect failures at an early stage. 

With SIDRIVE IQ Services, we offer you digital expert support to optimize the availability and productivity of your plant to the greatest possible extent. 

Our service experts continuously monitor the connected components. If a weak point is detected, we notify you directly and comprehensively. We're also happy to help you with planning and troubleshooting. 

In the event of an unpredictable fault, we offer you immediate support. In this case, our service expert team is automatically informed via the cloud and contacts you directly to initiate troubleshooting as quickly as possible.



Your benefits:

  • You benefit from early error identification
  • You minimize downtimes through continuous condition monitoring
  • You rely on automated status reports

Accelerated troubleshooting

Maximum availability requires the fastest possible reaction speed. If an alarm is triggered, you can immediately contact a certified service expert. With your permission, relevant data is accessed via a secure remote connection. All analysis, diagnostic and intervention options can therefore be utilized within a very short time.

Your benefits:

  • You shorten unplanned downtimes
  • You reduce on-site service costs
  • You rely on high data security

Higher plant availability with Mobile Diagnostics

With Mobile Diagnostics, our service experts read out the data from your drive train on site using mobile measuring equipment. Measurements can be performed at contractually agreed time intervals. On this basis, expert reports can be generated and precise service recommendations derived, for example for maintenance activities.

Your benefits:

  • You benefit from an immediate analysis without installation adaption
  • You increase plant availability
  • You optimally schedule maintenance and service activities

Optimized maintenance with Remote Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics allows you to continuously monitor your drive train components. Motors are monitored using a permanently installed condition monitoring system. The parameters measured are recorded directly on site and accessed and analyzed by our service experts via a secure remote connection at defined time intervals. In this way, changes in operating condition can be detected at an early stage and the appropriate countermeasures can be promptly taken.

Your benefits:

  • You minimize unscheduled downtimes
  • You detect failures at an early stage and can take countermeasures
  • You optimally schedule maintenance and service times

Reduced energy costs

Energy Performance Contracting is an innovative service for implementing higher energy efficiency. Optimization measures in the drive train are financed through savings in energy costs. Only part of the savings are used for the service rate and the balance remains as a direct benefit for you. The projects are implemented according to a four-stage process that involves minimal risk for you, thanks to the promised cost savings.

Your benefits:

  • You save up to 30% on energy consumption 
  • You use a package of measures for energy optimization 
  • You lastingly increase energy efficiency
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Be won over by the extensive Digital Drive Train Services portfolio. And by how you can benefit from customized, modular services.

Digital service for drive systems – for all industries, worldwide

More and more companies are opting for digital services – because they make a substantial contribution toward increasing plant availability. And ultimately saving costs in the process.


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