Remote Systems as Managed Appliance

Remote Systems as Managed Appliance

Apart from the preventive maintenance of the hardware platform, it is particularly the maintenance and care of the installed software components which is decisive for the lifecycle costs of an automation system. And this will not change even as digitalization continues to proceed apace throughout industry. However, technological progress in this area creates entirely new opportunities for innovative and comprehensive service concepts. The best example is our Remote Systems as Managed Appliance.

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Remote Systems as Managed Appliance

Service infrastructure – professionally managed

Remote Systems as Managed Appliance comprises compatible service offerings for your specific service applications. The included components are perfectly matched to each other and thus optimally support the lifecycle of your automation products and systems. What’s special about this service is that it’s based on innovative virtualization technology and can be made available via the cloud, if necessary.

Remote Systems as Managed Appliance combines the benefits of a virtual environment with Managed Support and Remote Services – a complete solution right on-site as your “private cloud.” The centerpiece of this service offering is a powerful IT infrastructure that allows all types of applications in your service environment – at a minimum cost. We not only deliver and maintain the entire IT infrastructure, we also provide rapid technical support for your drive and automation systems – everything from a single source. 

Our service engineers take complete care of the operation. If necessary, you can use separate remote access to the hardware and the virtual environment to maintain, optimize andexpand your systems while they’re in operation. All user accesses are kept separate from your sensitive data, with no possibility to access the innterconnected automation systems. The software used to establish secure connections is the SINEMA Remote Connect – the new management platform for remote networks. Optionally you can monitor the system status using our open cloud platform MindSphere.

Components at a glance

SINEMA Remote Connect

This powerful management platform for remote networks lets you securely manage tunnel connections (VPN) between headquarters, service technicians, and your installed machines or systems. The service technician and the machine create separate connections to the SINEMA Remote Connect Server, where the identity of the participants is determined by an exchange of certificates. Remote access to the machine is provided only after this verification. This means that widely distributed plants and machines can be conveniently and securely maintained by remote access, even if they are integrated into third-party networks, for example at end customers of machine manufacturers.

SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service

Together with the SINEMA Remote Connect Server, our virtualization solution offers a complete, turnkey system for your service needs. The server application is already preinstalled as a component on the host computer. Using a virtualized system lets you operate different applications in parallel on a shared hardware platform. That saves you rack space and power costs and makes system updates and upgrades easier.

SIMATIC Remote Services

SIMATIC Remote Services enable secure and efficient system-specific remote support based on our high-availability common Remote Service Platform (cRSP). Basis for fast troubleshooting is the remote desktop support as a reactive service module. Our service specialists can thus take a direct look into the virtualized system and provide fast and efficient support. They will also be happy to assist your service technician in regards to system maintenance.

Managed System Services

The Managed System Services bundle and coordinate all support activities associated with the virtualized host system. A dedicated Support Manager who is familiar with all your system components and is integrated into your maintenance processes will be your central contact person. This person will ensure the exchange of information, is in contact with all relevant parties, and will work closely with you to provide the necessary support.

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