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Lifecycle Management Suite

The Lifecycle Management Suite enables the use of innovative digitalization technologies, a holistic and comprehensive data platform for maintenance as well as reduction and better scheduling of maintenance costs. These ingredients are the crucial success factors for the availability and serviceability of the control technology, and thus for the efficiency of the entire plant.

Planning, implementation and documentation of all service activities

The pre-configured, COMOS MRO-based system provides standard operating procedures (SOP) in the form of check points for lifecycle services, which are assigned to the SIMATIC PCS 7 system components and process instrumentation devices. All service activities are stored in the system, which ensures consistent data storage. The use of COMOS MRO functions allows efficient service procedures, such as the local availability of stored maintenance information on mobile devices, feedback of all maintenance activities performed, and continuous improvement of processes through analyses of maintenance histories and system statistics.

Digital Enterprise Services

We accompany you on your way to digitalization - from strategic consulting for industrial plants to comprehensive solutions for the improvement of KPIs. The modular Lifecycle Management Suite Services follow this digitalization approach of Consulting/Implementation/Optimization and support you on your way to a digital enterprise by optimizing the plant maintenance.

Benefits of the Lifecycle Management Suite

Modular structure of the Lifecycle Management Suite

The modular structure allows a needs-based selection for different users, such as maintenance managers, asset managers and field service engineers.

Modules of the Lifecycle Management Suite

  • Quick initial setup of the areas for customer access according to the functions ordered
  • Remote introduction to the corresponding module functions of the Lifecycle Management Suite
  • Extensive examples, Q&A

"Mobilization" is both the prerequisite and an integral part of all other modules.

"Suite Hosting" includes the cloud-based COMOS MRO software with support and update services.

This means you do not have to worry about purchase, installation or maintenance – we handle them all for you!

With "Asset Integration" you also obtain the import of your installed base and customized configurations – giving you access to functions of the Asset Management, analyses of obsolescence risks and standard reports.

As an extension module, "Maintenance Services Management" offers integration of service standards (check points) for the SIMATIC PCS 7 system components and process instrumentation devices.

This simplifies the use and planning of resources, the effective coordination of device availability, and compliance with the regulations for documentation and preventive maintenance.

Use cases

As the person responsible for maintenance, I can use the Lifecycle Management Suite to plan activities, generate job orders, and check performance efficiently. My goal is to comply with the maintenance strategy and optimize the use of resources and costs.
Maintenance Manager
As Asset Manager of the plant, I have to know the current status of the installed products and systems at all times, in particular information about obsolescences. The Lifecycle Management Suite gives me the service check points for every asset.
Asset Manager
I need the orders directly on my tablet PC to run the plant efficiently. I use it to document the performance of product-related services, and upload feedback directly to the Lifecycle Management Suite.
Field Service Engineer
Downloads, Support

Downloads, Support

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