Virtualize your process control systems

Minimum downtime and an optimal deployment of personnel and resources are key to successful plant operation. Efficient care, maintenance, and upgrading of the system components create a significant potential for optimization. And this is where our innovative, standardized service product SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service comes in.

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SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service

Virtualization as a real added value

Apart from the preventive maintenance of the hardware platform, it is the maintenance and care of the installed software components which is decisive for the lifecycle costs of a PC-based distributed control system. This is where SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service opens up entirely new possibilities.

SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service adopts an entirely new approach to ensure the best possible maintenance and upgrades  of PC-based distributed control systems. The comprehensive service strategy draws on the opportunities offered by digitalization to virtualize the entire system. This lets you address your core requirements with maximum effectiveness and economic efficiency: the best possible use of hardware, easy system expansions and/or updates, central administration and maintenance, and fast and professional support when the need arises – measures that will ensure maximum availability.

Cost-effective solution from a single source

SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service is the easiest possible entry into the world of future-oriented virtualization technology. Our portfolio of services comprises everything you need for a virtualization solution: services throughout the entire lifecycle, including the appropriate software and hardware components – all from a single source and perfectly compatible.

SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service includes the set-up of the virtualization server, configuration of the virtual machines installation and configuration of the operating system, and the turnkey installation of the SIMATIC software. And even throughout the lifecycle of the virtualized system, we take care of comprehensive support for all technical questions about the function, use, and operation of the system components. Extensive, system-specific consulting can also be efficiently provided as part of the SIMATIC Remote Services.

Quick, secure and cost-optimized

SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service plays a key role in significantly improving competitiveness, thanks to:


  • Easy implementation of a virtualization solution with prefabricated, configured, tested, and ready-to-use automation systems
  • Reasonably priced and rapid expansion of system components using ready-to-run templates
  • Optimal use of available hardware resources
  • Greater flexibility and system availability
  • Reduced cost for system upgrades and updates
  • Improved energy efficiency, easy system management, and end-to-end support in conjunction with SIMATIC Remote Services help reduce system lifecycle costs
  • Lifecycle services for SIMATIC products, VMware, hardware, and software from a single source
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