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Fully integrated solutions along the entire energy value chain

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Gas and Power Operating Company is the only company in the world that can provide fully integrated products, solutions and services across the energy value chain of oil and gas production, power generation and transmission.

What we do

Siemens Gas and Power is focused on helping customers navigate the world’s most pressing energy problems, both for today and tomorrow. Essential applications include providing products, solutions and services that make fossil energy greener; delivering decentralized, flexible power solutions; managing the complexities of the grid; improving and de-risking aging assets; and connecting supply and demand through storage technologies such as grid-scale batteries and Power-to-X technologies. Siemens Gas and Power has a broad customer base that includes oil and gas, utilities, independent power producers, engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPCs), transmission system operators, and industrial companies in sectors such as mining and chemicals. Gas and Power offers:

  • Upstream, midstream and downstream solutions for oil and gas extraction and production that maximize OPEX and CAPEX investment while minimizing environmental impacts. Our portfolio includes innovative technologies for gas compression and injection, pipeline compression, and power generation and distribution.
  • Products for power generation, like gas and steam turbines, generators, turbine packages, and tailored OEM power plant solutions for decentralized, industrial and heavy-duty power plants and fast power solutions. These products and solutions focus on business success for utilities and industrial users by increasing turnover, reducing costs and improving profitability.  Depending on customer needs, options range from components to power trains to full turnkey solutions. 
  • Products, systems, solutions and services for the reliable transmission and distribution of electric power. Our offering includes facilities and systems for the low-voltage and distribution power grid level and high-voltage transmission systems.
  • An extensive service network with expert factory or field service support that improves asset performance. Our service portfolio includes maintenance, repairs, replacements, modernizations and upgrades of components, such as gas, steam and wind turbines, as well as generators, in large-scale and industrial power plants, and compressors for the oil and gas industry.
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics that lower the cost of energy, ranging from the development of proactive solutions to data analysis on individual turbines, as well as the overall fleet.
  • Proven project capabilities – not just for products, but also for solutions and services (including digital) and project financing.

At a glance

Gas and Power makes a difference in Energy by: helping customers enhance oil recovery to make the most of our natural resources, capturing waste gas and turning it into power, bringing power to places that don’t have it, delivering power from remote wind farms to where it’s needed, and using remote digital technologies to keep plants running in politically unstable regions.

Energizing Bolivia

Bringing energy to the people, together. Ende Andina is expanding three of its thermal power plants to add more than one gigawatt to the Bolivian power grid, with components like gas turbines and logistics from Siemens.

Read more about how Bolivia and Siemens are improving the access to electrical power for the country’s growing population and its developing economy here.


Gas and Power

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