PROFINET communication

Digital Industries kicked off customer webinars

Promoting Siemens digital technologies to a wider range of industries


With a view to promoting Siemens Digital Industries’ products and solutions to a wider range of Vietnamese customers, Siemens Vietnam Digital Industries team successfully introduced webinars in April 2020 as a new format for customer events.


Conducted during COVID-19 social distancing period in Vietnam, the first two online workshops on SIMATIC IOT2040 and PROFINET communication have attracted huge attention from customers, partners, university lecturers, technical students, with around 100 and 140 attendees at each workshop respectively. This is the first time Siemens Vietnam Digital Industries has organized an official online event, and to facilitate customers' profound understanding of Siemens technologies, all presentations were prepared and delivered in Vietnamese language.


To further promote this new activity, a separate webpage was set up to store all the webinar materials including workshop recordings, presentation materials, which can be shared to all attendees as well as on social media channels to a wider audience.


As a new online approach to enable customers from manufacturing and process industries to enhance their knowledge anytime and anywhere, these webinars were well received and generated very positive feedback so far.

Photos of the first two webinars