Upgrading Solution in Steel & Paper Industries

Upgrading Solution in Steel & Paper Industries

Following the success of MTA 2019, Siemens continued to organize a seminar on upgrading solutions for Steel & Paper Industries with CNC Controller and PCS 7.


With the current operation of manufacturing plants in Vietnam, Siemens truly understands that it requires an enormous amount of time and even financial investment to master the whole process of any machine for optimal productivity. Thus, customers often hesitate to upgrade to the latest solutions, making their company vulnerable to changes in the market. This consenquently leads to the growing gap between them and other competitors.


At this seminar, Siemens helps customers in steel and paper industries answer many crucial questions in upgrading, starting from the reasons for upgrade to the competitive benefits when we start to upgrade. We also presented our advanced solutions which could support customers in optimizing the production time and reducing time to market while ensuring the quality of production and machinery.