Siemens Digital Industries Vietnam Appreciation Party 2022


The rhythm of city life is changing vividly and diversely with the stature of large city full of vitality, dynamism, creativity but no less identity. In order to mingle, seize the opportunity to participate in exchange business networking activities, sharing success stories safely and proactively in “new normal” state, Siemens Digital Industries Vietnam organized an event for their Partners named "Siemens Digital Industries Vietnam Appreciation Party 2022". 


Siemens Digital Industries Vietnam Appreciation Party was held with an aim to appreciate our Partners for their cooperation and sustainable companionship throughout the journey of Fiscal Year 2021. This party is also a special occasion for Siemens Digital Industries employees and our Partners to meet each other in person, together celebrate and cheer for the successes which we achieved in the past year as well as look forward to new achievements in the future.


The events were successfully held in Hanoi, 8 April 2022 with 50 participants and in Ho Chi Minh City, 15 April 2022 with 90 participants together with full participation from our partner system and Siemens Digital Industries Vietnam employees.