SCADA Lounge

Totally connected. Totally digitalized.

Digitalization is changing the world. In the SIMATIC HMI / SCADA Lounge at the Siemens booth at the SPS trade fair in Hall 11 gallery, we demonstrated how you can connect users, the automation world, and the IT world within your production processes.

HMI and SCADA as the key to increased productivity

The lines between automation and IT are becoming blurred. Users expect more than just control and visualization on the computer or terminal: they would also like to receive information that is intuitive to process, easy to use, and ready to share and exchange – at any time, from any location, and also via mobile devices. HMI and SCADA systems play a key role in the process.
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SIMATIC HMI / SCADA for any application in any industry

SIMATIC HMI and SCADA systems enable the industrial world to set a course for the future today. You can manage and archive growing data volumes, establish sufficient reserves for new tasks, and open up to new technologies and mobile and cloud-based applications.

Totally connected. Totally digitalized.

The SCADA system in TIA Portal

With SIMATIC WinCC Professional, Siemens offers a SCADA system that is perfectly integrated into TIA Portal and that prepares you – already today – for the requirements of the increasing digitalization of production processes. The PC-based operation, control and monitoring system for visualization and control of processes, production flows, machines, and plants in all industries can be scaled as required: from a simple single-user station to distributed multiuser systems and cross-site solutions with web clients.

Intelligent solutions for process management

With the SIMATIC WinCC Process Management System, users benefit from an intelligent system based on proven standard solutions for process management. From integrated recipe/product data management, order control, and order- and batch-related acquisition of process and production data to industry- and technology-neutral preventive maintenance planning and efficient analysis and localization of error sources and weak points, the SIMATIC WinCC Process Management System enables you to optimize your processes – including a flexible solution for communication between the automation level and SAP ERP

The scalable and open SCADA system for maximum plant transparency and productivity

Whether implemented as a single-user system or a distributed multiuser system with redundant servers, SIMATIC WinCC V7 provides the benefits of an open SCADA system for highly complex process visualization tasks, SCADA applications with redundancy solutions, and vertical integration with Plant Intelligence solutions. The latest version, V7.5, provides further extensions to the multifaceted SCADA system:

  • Expansion of interface options for even greater openness
  • A multitude of functional expansions relating to data handling, engineering, simulation, and visualization
  • Simple integration of third-party alarms via OPC UA, enabling a central overview and logging of alarms
  • Cloud connection via MQTT client/server protocol
  • A WinCC Audit option that provides electronic signatures according to the four-eyes principle, for applications in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors

Intelligent solutions for process management

Hardware interrupt, fault, status, and operation messages from various sources contain a wealth of information that often becomes visible only through computer-aided analysis. PM-ANALYZE not only allows the chronological display of messages from different sources; it also provides an optimal overview with its user-friendly filters and analysis options, even when there are large numbers of messages. Analysis results can be imported directly into Microsoft Excel for further processing. By combining and centrally archiving messages, the event log of the operating system, and data from other sources by means of text import, PM-ANALYZE makes it possible to localize complex interrelations.

The SCADA system that knows no limits

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is designed for applications requiring significant customer-specific adaptations, large and/or complex applications, and projects with special system and functional requirements. Globally distributed systems, as well as higher-level control centers covering a wide range of systems and locations, can thus also be implemented. With SIMATIC WinCC OA, you can implement vendor- and platform-independent SCADA systems that are scalable and offer unlimited global access via the web – including via native iOS and Android user interfaces.

WinCC Open Architecture V3.17 offers, in addition to the extensive options available so far, the following enhancements:

  • Different ways to use the cloud
  • Siemens MindSphere and MindSphere Apps
  • Support of Siemens Industrial OS
  • Successful SIL3 and ProfiSAFE certification
  • New archive interface for SQL-like queries

All about digitalization: SCADA for infrastructure and traffic

From global user administration, control, and signaling systems to adaptive strategies, Smart SCADA is a prerequisite for intelligent solutions in the infrastructure sector. For example, Smart SCADA allows the networking of distributed pumping stations in the water industry via IoT gateways with a secure cloud, as well as visualization and control in a central SIMATIC WinCC OA system without complex network integration. The combination of SIMATIC WinCC OA with state-of-the-art simulation tools enables plants to be virtually commissioned, optimized, and used for operator training ahead of project completion – with the inclusion of emergency and worst-case scenarios. Digitalization therefore contributes to increased efficiency and improved safety in critical areas.

The future of visualization starts now! 

SIMATIC WinCC Unified is a totally new visualization system you can use to overcome the challenges of digitalization in mechanical engineering and plant construction. The system is based on an integrated software solution and can be PC-based or implemented using powerful, state-of-the-art panels. Proven engineering in the TIA portal, the latest web technology and high performance reserves for the coming years, combined with the freedom to implement your ideas as you imagine them.


Sustainable success with HMI and SCADA systems

To stay competitive over the long term, manufacturing companies must continuously improve their production systems – in the pursuit of shorter time to market, more efficient and flexible processes, and impeccable quality. HMI and SCADA solutions will assist you in achieving even the most ambitious of targets.

Efficient engineering and user experience as a competitive edge

Standardization and good design go hand in hand: together they make operation more effective and reliable. In addition to a clearly arranged and structured display of the relevant information, the standardization of interactions is also essential for optimum user guidance – for motors and pumps, for example – ensuring that the plant operator immediately recognizes crucial conditions and thus avoids operating errors. Examples from the food and beverage, water and wastewater, and infrastructure industries illustrate what constitutes good HMI design and how you and your users can benefit from it.

Flexibility and openness to create your application

Many industries have requirements that a standard HMI cannot adequately meet. In the food and beverage industry, for example, special requirements for traceability and documentation, quality assurance, and order management must be taken into consideration. For water and wastewater treatment applications, SCADA systems may need to integrate distributed and remote units, for example, and generate standardized DWA-M260 (formerly ATV) reports. Whether in factory automation or infrastructure applications, SIMATIC WinCC Professional, SIMATIC WinCC V7, and SIMATIC WinCC OA are scalable and provide flexibility to create the right solution in any industry.

Totally connected. Totally digitalized

HMI and SCADA systems are the gateway between the processes in the physical and the digital domain. SIMATIC WinCC Professional or WinCC V7 can be easily connected to the higher-level SAP HANA management system using an add-on, and the WinCC PM-OPEN HOST/S add-on allows the automatic generation of measurement documents in SAP ERP. Connect your SIMATIC SCADA solutions directly with cloud solutions – for example, via the MQTT protocol – or use SIMATIC MindSphere applications to link data from SCADA systems with the digital world of MindSphere to compare plant data at any time, boost plant performance, identify optimization opportunities, and ensure that the right decision is made every time, regardless of location.

Efficient and scalable solutions

SIMATIC PC-based automation offers a flexible, innovative, and future-proof platform that allows users to meet the challenges of digitalization – from compact industrial PCs and IoT gateways in a rugged industrial design, such as the SIMATIC IPC127E, to Rack PCs for the most diverse requirements, including the SIMATIC IPC547G with the latest PC technology, the SIMATIC IPC847E with multiple expansion options, or the SIMATIC IPC1047 for top computing and graphics performance.