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How far advanced is the digital transformation of your company? Where to focus on during your Industry 4.0 journey? The vendor-independent Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) methodology was developed by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) in partnership with various companies, including Siemens. It provides you with a tangible analysis of the status quo, even in comparison with other companies in your market.

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Industry 4.0, Digital Twin, Edge, 5G, Additive Manufacturing, are no longer topics of the future. With these levers, companies can drastically increase their productivity, shorten time-to-market, and open up new business fields. The future security and competitiveness of a company is dramatically determined by the speed of digitalization.


However, it is difficult to systematically bring a company up to digitalization speed. With the vendor-independent and scientifically validated Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) methodology, companies can accelerate the start-up phase considerably and invest in the most effective digital fields of action on a fact-based basis, and thus thereby improve their competitive position. As a digitalization driver in your company, you can use the methodology to provide your management with exactly the right arguments to gain speed with Industry 4.0, identify your relevant focus areas and thus define your individual Industry 4.0 strategy.

The official video from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) introduces the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) methodology

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The Digital Enterprise enables companies to create infinite opportunities from infinite data

Digital Enterprise – Infinite opportunities from infinite data

Driving the digital transformation to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 with our holistic portfolio: The Digital Enterprise enables the comprehensive, meaningful use of data for fast and confident decisions. It combines the real and the digital worlds with the help of our comprehensive Digital Twin approach.

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Different industries do have different success factors and Industry 4.0 patterns – how to identify what competitors in your industry are going for? Find out where you are compared to your competition in order to derive the appropriate action for you.

Read in the official PDF from the EDB what role digitalization plays in your industry

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Guide for your next steps

Find out which steps are necessary for a successful digital transformation. These are individual for each company.

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To maintain competitiveness in the long term, companies need to constantly develop further. Be it in production processes and costs, the individualization of products and services, or the time from product development to market launch, to name just a few. In general, every company has access to the same transformation toolbox.


The main difference, however, lies in the specific situation of the company and the time factor, i.e., how quickly the possible competitive successes can be realized through transformation. With the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) methodology, companies can quickly and easily gain clarity on their Industry 4.0 maturity today, and which measures are most suitable and relevant to implement as the next steps.

Find out what digitalization steps are best for your company on the official EDB web site

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The scientifically based Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) methodology, which has been applied with more than 300 companies around the globe, determined their respective transformation output status and, by means of industry comparisons, to identify the area in which there is the greatest potential for action.

Our certified SIRI assessors will guide you in a 2-day workshop (also offered virtually) through all relevant transformation areas. By that you have an overview of your current position in the transformation race and see which next steps are necessary to improve this position and overtake competitors. And all of this is completely vendor independent. However, booking a workshop with us lets you benefit from Siemens’ deep domain know-how of all industries and years of experience with our own factories.

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After the SIRI workshop, you know your company's level of digitalization maturity and our Digital Enterprise Services will help you take the next step: With Consulting, Implementation and Optimization, you can successfully implement digitalization from the very first moment.

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