Member of the Charter of Trust

Keep our systems, assets, data, and people protected

Directly aligned to our primary value of safety, the mission of the AES cyber program is keep our systems, assets, data, and people protected by employing a multi-layered approach to inform, detect, mitigate and respond to cyber threats. This is important as the energy sector is increasingly under siege from cyber criminals, organized crime, nation-states, and hacktivists that desire to disrupt global critical infrastructure.

"AES’ mission is to improve lives by providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions.  Our continued success depends on adapting to change, including utilizing new technologies.  A successful cyberattack would impact our ability to deliver electricity and a data breach could negatively affect our employees, customers and partners."

In 2013, AES initiated a strategy to stand up a Global Cybersecurity program. Over the past five years, this strategy has evolved to include an operating model, governance, mandatory cybersecurity guidelines, training, awareness, shared technologies, a global security operations center, and intelligence that we deliver to guide our program across our diverse generation and distribution businesses. Overseeing a program across 15 countries requires a flexible strategy to influence a range of stakeholders. We achieve this by establishing and auditing a global set of guidelines, while enabling our local teams to incorporate their own language and culture into awareness programs.

The sustainability of our cybersecurity program depends on our adaptability to the changes in our business. To that end, we have aligned our cyber program not only to mitigate our current cyber risk exposure, but also help to influence and advise our corporate strategic priorities.