Member of the Charter of Trust

Facing up to Cybersecurity Challenges

Confronted to the daily threats of cyber attacks, organizations need to secure their systems and their infrastructures with solutions adapted to their specific needs and operational constraints. Airbus cybersecurity means over 650 experts dedicated to protect governments, critical national infrastructures and industries against cyber attacks, thanks to trusted European products, services and technologies.

“For Airbus, our products and our customers a digitally secure environment is of the essence. We secure our own company and share our experience with civil customers, governments and suppliers in order to create an environment where digitalization can expand its benefits and we help to reduce its threats.“

Long before it was named digitalization, we hardened communication devices for our military customers. When connectivity expanded in the civil world and the digital age arose, Airbus created cybersecurity organisations, including its own cybersecurity unit. Since then, more than 650 experts across our main locations in France, Germany and UK are working to secure the companies own business environment but also offer its expertise to other companies, governments and owners of critical infrastructure. Within our Security Operating Centres our cyber specialists are active 24/7. We deliver reliable cyber security products and services that meet highest requirements and protect our customers and us against cyber threats. We have developed a global cyber defence approach that dynamically aims to protect, detect and respond the cyber threats with a portfolio including managed security services, industrial control system security, encryption, key management and consultancy services.

We believe that smarter products and increased connectivity for the future of flight will only be successful in a secured digital environment. Safety is crucial for aircraft products and for the cyber environment. That is why Airbus supports the Charter of Trust from the onset and is proud to be one of its founding partner companies.