Member of the Charter of Trust

Security at the scale of IoT

At Cisco, we believe the Internet of Things (IoT) will alter society. By 2020, 27 billion devices will be connected globally with over half being machine-to-machine connections. This wave of innovation presents new opportunities, but it raises new challenges that must be addressed by industry, buyers, users, and policymakers. We all have a role to play.  

“At Cisco, security is foundational to all that we do, and we are committed to maintaining strong protections for our customers, products, and our company. Yet we also recognize that no one stakeholder can secure the Internet of Things alone — that requires entities across the value chain to work together, along with policy makers and citizens. Cisco is honored to join the Charter of Trust on cybersecurity, and we commit to actively engaging to ensure a secure foundation for our connected world.”

Cisco has been designing, deploying, and securing networks for over 25 years. We invent the technologies, build the equipment, and develop the standards that have helped make the Internet possible. In the IoT, the network plays a critical role in automating security at scale. With hundreds of devices coming online per second after 2020, the network can automate the process of securing devices and also act as a sensor to detect malicious behavior.

We are the largest enterprise security vendor and our security product portfolio protects customers from the network, to the endpoint, to the cloud. Best in breed technologies work together in an integrated security architecture to enable businesses to see more threats and stop them faster. This approach leverages threat intelligence from our industry leading security research group, Cisco Talos, who see and block over 20 billion threats daily.

Cisco is fully committed to the principles underlined by the Charter of Trust. They align to multiple of our values and activities, such as security by design, education, certifications and incident response. Fulfillment of the IoT brings advances in medical care, automation in manufacturing, dependable, efficient utilities and so much more to our society. We believe this group will help drive meaningful actions behind words as it brings together collective minds to tackle collective challenges.