Member of the Charter of Trust

Secure Digital Transformation by Design

As a renowned brand, Daimler values the trust of its customers, business partners and employees. Naturally, we extend this claim to our entire range of products and activities thereby consciously including cybersecurity. For us, cybersecurity goes beyond applying patches to software, mere code reviews and penetration tests. Cybersecurity at Daimler is a holistic approach to secure all cyber assets. And it always starts with our company’s most important asset: our people.

“Customers expect to get the world‘s safest vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. That also means they want to have datasecure vehicles from us. Data can make products and services better. Our customers will remain in control of their personal information. That’s our commitment.“

As a premium manufacturer, Daimler plays a leading role in the digitalization of mobility. We are evolving from an automotive company to a provider of digital and mobility services. We are shaping the future by initiating a transformation across all divisions. To strengthen and ensure a continuous production as well as trustful protection of our customer data, cybersecurity is a fundamental strategic topic.

At Daimler, cybersecurity is already an integral part during the design phase. We are implementing security at the architectural level and thereby support the digital change in the organization. 

Our worldwide community creates and nourishes a mindset which is the foundation for how we understand, develop and live cybersecurity. The annual Daimler Global Cyber Security Conference is only one platform among many where we bring experts together to discuss the latest security trends, technologies and build the path for global cybersecurity awareness.