Member of the Charter of Trust

Cybersecurity by IBM Security

IBM Security offers one of the most advanced and integrated portfolios of enterprise security products and services. The portfolio, supported by world-renowned IBM X-Force® research, enables organizations to effectively manage risk and defend against emerging threats.

"IBM is pleased to sign the Charter of Trust on Cybersecurity. For companies and governments, responsibility means protecting the data you own, manage, store or handle. It means employing strong encryption and security strategies – and constantly challenging and evolving them. And when a new cyber threat emerges, business and government must share information quickly and responsibly to blunt its impact."

IBM operates one of the world’s broadest security research, development and delivery organizations, monitors 35 billion security events per day in more than 130 countries, and holds more than 3,000 security patents.

In October 2017, IBM launched Data Responsibility @ IBM, a comprehensive platform that defines the principles and policies governing how our company interacts with data across the full breadth of our global operations. We believe that those of us fortunate enough to be at the forefront of the data-driven economy have an inherent responsibility to be respectful and transparent regarding the use, security and privacy of data we interact with or manage on behalf of global clients.