Member of the Charter of Trust

NXP: Leading the way in IoT and security

Human interaction with smart devices and services is fast becoming an integral part of daily life. From home automation to manufacturing, medicine and transport, the world increasingly relies on smart connectivity. As more devices become connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity attacks more sophisticated, integrated security solutions with the latest cryptographic techniques are critical for preventing system attacks and protecting private user information.

“As we increasingly connect devices to the Internet of Things, cybersecurity and the protection of our technological and societal assets becomes a global challenge. Complementary to our efforts as a market leader in secure connectivity, strengthening collaboration with partners from industry, governments and society is essential in developing new means and technologies that will protect our future information systems and networks.“

Financial institutions, retailers, and governments depend on secure embedded systems that defend against IoT security breaches. NXP technology helps developers build reliable, secure and trusted system solutions for industrial and consumer IoT equipment, services and devices. From processors to secure elements, to software and services – NXP provides complete solutions for ecosystems that require scalable, built-in protection. NXP commits to a secure-by-design approach, taking privacy and data protection into account in the design process and set-up of products and services.  

At NXP, we believe that fostering trust in cybersecurity requires a broad alliance of companies and governments to act. The “Charter of Trust“ is an elemental step towards this objective. It engages the key industry players in a joint mission to establish baseline standards and mandatory requirements for the security and privacy of connected devices, thus advancing cybersecurity and increasing trust in the IoT.