Member of the Charter of Trust

SGS Cybersecurity Services: safeguarding businesses, people and assets online

SGS combines cybersecurity expertise and technical resources with a proven track record as a world-leading, independent third-party certification provider. At the forefront of cybersecurity advocacy and research for products, Internet-of-Things (IoT), network assessment and monitoring, SGS helps customers meet the cybersecurity risks from the increased connectivity of devices, systems and applications.

“Independence plays an important role in increasing trust in the security of organizations, products and services. As cybersecurity levels cannot be tested and verified by the end user or the consumer, third-party certification can meet this need in a most reliable manner.”

To shape the future of the digital world, SGS joined forces with Siemens and eight other leading businesses in February 2018 to present the Charter of Trust, which aims to make the digital world more secure. The Charter of Trust sets three important goals which are central to SGS’ cybercrime security approach:


1.      Protect the data of individuals and companies

2.      Prevent damage to people, companies, and infrastructures

3.      Create a reliable foundation for instilling trust in a networked, digitally connected world


As an industry leader, SGS is committed to developing, promoting and implementing the Charter’s principles. SGS is also a member of several initiatives and working groups, focused on the creation of future cybersecurity legislation and standardization.


SGS Cyberlabs – offering a range of cybersecurity solutions

The SGS CyberLab aims to meet the challenges of IT security, delivering a wide range of services to help organizations understand and address the challenges they face in the digital economy:

  • Security evaluation and certification of products and systems: SGS helps organizations understand cybersecurity threats and how to counter them to meet security criteria.
  • Network mapping and vulnerability assessment: a range of independent security assessment solutions for organizations’ networks and applications.
  • Penetration testing: SGS provides an exact picture of an organization’s cybersecurity resilience, and the weak points in infrastructure and processes.
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC): SGS provides real-time continuous monitoring, investigation and remediation of cyberattacks.
  • Service and management system certifications: SGS provides enterprises with an array of IT certifications.
  • Cloud Services: SGS provides third-party certification assurance services for cloud providers.
  • Training and professional certification services: SGS offers worldwide centers of excellence, providing the very best learning and development solutions. 
  • Data integrity and veracity services: SGS helps organizations build, develop and improve their data handling capacity.