Member of the Charter of Trust

TÜV SÜD: We build trust in digital technologies

Smart solutions, big data and IT security are increasingly viewed by our customers as key criteria for their success. The Internet of Things is bringing radical change to all areas of our economy. The expansion of connectivity, the convergence of hardware and software, and the spread of smart sensors and big data all call for the development of new, wide-ranging approaches – thus there is an urgent need to protect critical systems and large volumes of sensitive data due to the exploding numbers of cyberattacks on governments, companies, and us all as individuals. 

“All evolving business ecosystems come along with more digital interaction, deeper value chain integration and ever more interdependencies between participants. Cybersecurity will be crucial to making business reliable, sustainable and secure. We are pleased to be a member of the Charter of Trust and contribute to this initiative by protecting critical systems and large volumes of sensitive data for our customers’ business continuity, building trust in the digital world of today and tomorrow.“

Although well-known and well-publicised, the danger of cyberattacks finds many companies unprepared and requiring days, or even weeks, merely to identify an attack. To provide companies with better support in dealing with these risks, we have grouped our relevant activities under one roof and combined our cross-disciplinary organisational, technical and digital expertise. By applying a holistic approach spanning world class talent, processes and data, we contribute to protect our customers’ business continuity.

Our acquisition of Uniscon GmbH has enabled us to tackle our objective of forging new directions, developing new business models to supply our customers with highly secure cloud solutions for their data processing. By doing so, we have carved out a position as impartial operators of a reliable platform for processing sensitive data at the heart of digital transformation. Data availability and confidence in the security of sharing data are paramount if the digital economy is to function and grow further in the future.