We’re not just about buildings.


We’re about what buildings make possible

We spend 90 percent of our lives in buildings. It follows that the buildings where we spend our lives have an enormous impact on our lives. On what we do, how we feel, who we are, who we become. At Siemens, we believe that everything people do in life deserves a perfect place to do it. A perfect place to learn. A perfect place to grow. A perfect place to prosper. A perfect place for every stage of life.  Creating perfect places is our motivation: improving building technology, to improve people’s lives.
This building changes futures

The places where we spend our lives can change our lives

For the students at Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse, New York, the time they spend inside the school building can change their futures.
This building is a community

Improve buildings and you improve people’s lives

At Sello shopping center in Helsinki, Finland, visitors experience more than a shopping center. Data-driven services from Siemens make the shopping center a perfect place for people to come together – and feel comfortable.
This building stops time

Where we are makes us who we are

At Museums Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, the building preserves more than artefacts. It preserves the story of a country. Building management systems from Siemens make Museums Victoria a perfect place to preserve Australia’s heritage.
The building is the beer

A perfect place is a place that’s perfect for a purpose

At Feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden, Switzerland, fire safety systems protect the beer’s most important ingredient: The building.
This building is a seed

We’re about what buildings make possible – and buildings make more possible than ever before

At the Sino-German Ecopark Passive House Technology Center in Qingdao, China, building management systems from Siemens demonstrate that practically zero-emission buildings are possible: and so is a bright future for the world.
This building creates space for ideas

A building puts you in a place – building technology puts you in a state of mind

At DB Schenker head office in Essen, Germany, the building isn’t just a place to work. It’s a place that creates space for ideas. Building management systems from Siemens make the DB Schenker head office in Germany a perfect place to innovate.
Create your own perfect place

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