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Security solutions from Siemens make Port Manatee in Florida a perfect place to secure prosperity.
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Security means leaving nothing to chance

The world is changing. Our lives have become closer, more connected, and more productive than ever before. This freedom creates great opportunities and new challenges – especially when it comes to security. How do we keep employees and business assets safe? How do we ensure compliance? How can we safeguard business continuity and investment protection – today and in the future? These are the crucial questions about security in our modern, networked world.   With decades of experience in the fields of security and building management, Siemens offers you a comprehensive range of best-in-class solutions, products and systems. Whether your main concern is managing your building efficiently or finding the best possible protection for your assets and infrastructure, you can trust Siemens Building Technologies to find the best solution tailored to your individual needs.
Port Manatee

A perfect place to secure prosperity

Port Manatee is Florida’s fastest-growing deepwater seaport, and due to its proximity to the Panama Canal, it’s an important node in the global transportation network. It’s a place bustling with activity – and a place that needs to be safe. With about eight million tons of cargo handled every year and hundreds of workers entering and exiting the 1,100-acre property on a daily basis, this is quite a challenge.

It’s a convenient location at the entrance of Tampa Bay, offers excellent transport connections and has the capability to handle a wide range of commodities – from fresh fruit and vegetables to gasoline and heavy machinery – which make Port Manatee vital to the global transportation network. Ensuring the security of the port’s infrastructure, cargo, and personnel is a critical priority, as is meeting the Federal Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) requirements and the efficient movement of people and vehicles through the property. To meet these challenges and to ensure that everyone on the premises is accounted for at all times, Port Manatee implemented a solution from Siemens: a combination of SiPass integrated access control system and physical security information management with Siveillance Vantage.

This customized solution enables Port Manatee to create one-to-one matches and to monitor and document the services and cargo with which port users interact. This transparency not only helps Port Manatee to satisfy internal safety and federal requirements, but also assists in improving the efficient management of the diversity of users, types of cargo, and transportation modes on the premises, saving both time and money. As Florida’s fastest-growing seaport, with ambitions to become America’s premier seaport, Port Manatee needed a reliable solution that would be flexible enough to evolve with the port’s needs – and it found all this in Siemens’ security solutions. This shows that both the port’s prosperity and that of the region go hand in hand with security – and security is a matter of trust.

Siemens has gotten us to a place where we have that one-to-one match for accountability of cargo.
David St. Pierre, Director of Seaport Security Port Manatee



Innovating security

For the essential protection of your building, corporate site or critical infrastructure, Siemens Building Technologies offers you Siveillance Suite, a unique, holistic approach to security management that unites best-class-solutions from the field of incident and identity management. User-centric in design and powered by advanced system intelligence, Siveillance Suite integrates solutions that are modular and scalable in design, safeguarding your investment and giving you the flexibility you need to protect your business – today and in the future: Siveillance Suite – comprehensive protection tailored to your needs.