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Kick off the Carbon Countdown

Driving decarbonization by making product carbon footprints actionable
Over 90% of emissions originate in complex and distributed supply chains. We enable industry leaders to reach their decarbonization goals – across their value chain and at scale.
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP Worldwide)

One Common Need

No business model is future proof if it is not sustainable. CO2-intensive companies face economic risks in a world of increasing consumer sensitivity, tightening political regulations and fundamental technological advances.


In order to prove a product’s footprint to consumers, customers, or regulators and to derive targeted reduction measures with their suppliers, companies are depending on information on product level.

One Shared Solution

The supply chain accounts for the largest share of CO2 in products, but until now, there was no manageable solution to quantify the CO2 contribution of individual components and suppliers.


Climate change is a challenge for humanity. It’s time for industry to live up to their responsibility for future generations. As part of our efforts to effectively operationalize decarbonization, Siemens realized the superior impact of a collaborative approach. Our solution is a shared solution: SiGREEN.

We are committed to leveraging our industry expertise and knowledge in emerging technologies to create solutions that benefit our customers as well as our planet.
Rainer Brehm - CEO Factory Automation

Actuals not estimates

Determine YOUR product’s carbon footprint, not just any average


Effectively reaching your supply chain’s decarbonization goals requires actual actionable data not estimates. This is why we created a solution to efficiently collect primary data. Identify exactly where to improve and quantify the positive impact on your products’ sustainability.

Partnerships and ecosystems

A shared challenge requires a shared approach


We know from our own experience that decarbonization is a cross-company effort. Consequently, we created a solution that allows you to collaborate with your entire supply chain. Exchange data with partners and take action where it's most efficient. Based on trustworthy information, take the decisions that allow you and your suppliers to decarbonize your products and make your business ecosystem future proof.

Your gateway to managing decarbonization

SiGREEN provides industry leaders with the long-desired solution to effectively pursue their decarbonization goals on the product level.


Onboard suppliers easily and boost accuracy and efficiency of product carbon footprinting for all parties involved.

A strong industry network for a strong and sustainable future

Reliable data is the first step to reducing carbon emissions But if we want to go further, we have to work together.


Become part of a SiGREEN future and work with SiGREEN.


SiGREEN allows for the convenient and safe exchange of actual data-based product carbon footprints along the value chain. It enables users to make sustainable decisions based on supplier-specific data instead of industrial averages. The innovative verifiable credential mechanism allows for sufficient transparency into your supply chains' emission data without forcing your suppliers to disclose sensitive information. Therefore, SiGREEN is the first solution that provides data trustworthiness without compromising supply chain confidentiality.

Each party along the supply chain calculates its emissions, requests supply chain emissions from suppliers (or estimates values items of lowest criticality), and aggregates the data of its product's carbon footprint. That product carbon footprint is later shared with customers. Thereby, the data for each step is provided by the supply chain tier that controls the respective processes and emissions.


As every tier aggregates its suppliers' emissions to one carbon footprint, your supply chain details remain confidential and protected from potentially being misused by your customers or their customers.

SiGREEN works with established standards like ISO for product-related carbon accounting and life cycle assessment, as well as the GHG protocol. Furthermore, it is constantly updated to comply with new standards in the future, like the WBCSD Pathfinder Framework.


PCFs extracted from existing EPD programs according to the common PCRs, PEFCRs, PEP are compatible. Metadata is requested to ensure representative use downstream the value chain.

Working with actual data, SiGREEN allows you to quantify your products' carbon footprints with unmatched accuracy. At the same time, the convenient and efficient requesting, calculation, and sharing of data enables you to quantify product carbon footprints for more of your products. This accurate data at scale provides you with the insights you need to identify emission hotspots, derive targeted reduction measures, and quantify their impact in your operations as well as with your suppliers. In consequence, you decarbonize your product portfolio more efficiently.

Yes. SiGREEN connects companies along supply chains that span across various industries.

No. The data is encrypted and exchanged peer-to-peer between buyer and supplier. Supply chain data is too critical to be stored centrally with one company. SiGREEN and no other company shall monetize on somebody else's supply chain data.

SiGREEN's Quality Value Indicator rates the transparency, reliability, validity, and accuracy of the data you receive. You request the required data quality according to your needs. You may, for example, require a third-party verified PCF for a highly critical component while you accept self-published inputs for non-critical components. SiGREEN allows a balance of accuracy and effort.

Especially in connection with sustainability promises, trust is a high asset. In the fight against greenwashing, control by independent third parties is indispensable. As a supplier and customer in countless global supply chains, Siemens entrusts certificates to accredited certifiers. Product carbon footprints determined through SiGREEN can be certified by those bodies, while Siemens does not issue certificates by itself.

Without initiatives like SiGREEN, determining the product carbon footprint is an impossibility.
Cedrik Neike – Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and CEO Digital Industries